Assassin's Creed: PAX 2007 Demonstration Pt 1 & 2

A new look at the upcoming stealth action title with a detailed explanation of the controls.

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Part 2 HDgametrailers.comTnS
Part 1 HDgametrailers.comTnS
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HeartlesskizZ3643d ago

That was a nice jump, This game is very interactive, i love that.

MaximusPrime3643d ago

i actually like it. the city is huge!

JPomper3643d ago

I really like how it seems your character never grabs at an empty space when climbing. There's always a ledge or crack in the texture for him to grab.

Schmitty073643d ago

I lost interest in this game

bluegoblin3643d ago

you gotta be kidding me.
As for the game there is only one word for it WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anything but Cute3643d ago

I think in the end this game is gonna be overrated, not sure why I have that feeling. And then it's not gonna sell that good and everybody will be wondering why if it was brillaint.

power of Green 3643d ago

You have that feeling due to the fact this game is multi platform and not exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.