Blizzard believe the "time for simultaneous digital and boxed is coming"

Game publishers have been very vocal of late about how consumer purchasing and distribution of games is changing and it is inevitability that the market will experience changes.

At the weekend during its annual BlizzCon event, Blizzard’s Rob Pardo told GIBiz in an interview that the time for a simultaneous digital and boxed released of all its online games is coming.

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Saryk2973d ago

Well it is good to see someone has got their head out of their ass.

Letros2973d ago

I still don't understand what he's trying to say, that pre-loading is the future?

Saryk2972d ago

Eventually all software will be sold by digital distribution. This is the start of the long transition from brick and mortar to total DD. I would guess, but I bet I am correct. That the next generation of gaming (i think 8th) will be all digital for PC and consoles.