In-depth Review: Just Dance 2- Electronic Theatre

The confidence the hardware manufacturer has in Just Dance 2 isn’t unprecedented, with Activision’s Guitar Hero series having proven to be the strongest third-party production on Wii. Just Dance 2 appeals to a much wider demographic (and one more acutely in line with many of Nintendo’s own software productions) without alienating core members of the family. The tracklist is designed to compliment the less formally distinguished audience, with a range that incorporates Lady Gaga and Outkast, Ke$ha and The Rolling Stones, Pussycat Dolls and Blondie. Some may say that taking the Guitar Hero: World Tour approach to track selection may have left Just Dance 2 with a little of everything and not enough of one thing, but every single on-disc track is an internationally famous song from a completely different sector of the Pop music spectrum.

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