Sony shares up on speculation of Apple interest

Shares of Sony Corp rose nearly 3 percent on Tuesday as traders cited media reports speculating that the Japanese electronics maker could be a potential acquisition target of Apple Inc.


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CoffeewithChess2973d ago

Seriously? If this is true, the PS3 must have LOST Sony a TON of money(and not made any back), otherwise, these "speculations" are crazy...

Fishy Fingers2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Weird they even bother calling themselves Sony when you think about it. Not "Playstation" or something, as thats all they make...

Jamie Foxx2973d ago

If apple aquire sony with sonys hardware and gaming division mixed with apples hardware and advertising division this would be microsofts worst nightmare

people buy apple products like candy

kaveti66162973d ago

i think a few people might miss the sarcasm. let's see if anyone disagrees with you.

GreenRingOfLife2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I think the Xbox 720 is going to compete with the AppleStation 4

And since Apple has casual games already then I think AppleStation 4 will have casual games, which is good because I already use my ps3 for the casual games so it wont be any different

AAACE52973d ago

To me it would seem like it would be in the best interest of MS to try to buy Sony!

Why allow Apple and Sony to come together? That just makes it more hell to deal with. Plus, buying them would give them a firm grip on the gaming industry. Just don't know if they want to deal with all the Tv's, video cameras, etc. part of it.

But then again, Sony have been very risky lately. Don't know what kind of financial situation they are really in. But if MS went ahead and bought Rare, i'm sure they could scrape up the cash to buy Sony if it is for sale!

Cratos87802973d ago

I think it will great move for Sony.

Microsoft has $500 Million to spend on Kinect marketing, and another $500 Million for Windows Phone 7 marketing.

Sony on it own can't compete with Micro$oft. That's a FACT. Micro$oft has way too much money.

Sony should team up with Apple.

The General2973d ago

Apple doesn't have an app for that. o_O

YoungKingDoran2973d ago

god damn i love green ring of life sometimes, really gives me a chuckle lol. (but if what youre saying is not a big joke then i apologize for laughing... haha)

sikbeta2973d ago


Sure dude, that's why you preorder kienct already... what a harcore gamer you are...

ComboBreaker2973d ago

So that rumor worked as intended.

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Nihilism2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

It's not speculation, Sony, not just SCEA, but the whole company are billions of dollars in debt. Anyone who denies it is putting waaaay to much faith in the PR machine.

"The Tokyo-based maker of Cyber-shot cameras and Bravia televisions had its long-term debt grade reduced to A3 from A2, Moody's said today in a statement. A3 is the fourth-lowest of the agency's 10 investment-grade ratings. The reduction affects US$18.7 billion in debt, including US$6.5 billion of long-term borrowings and 500 billion yen (US$5.25 billion) and US$7 billion of commercial paper, it said."


No Sony's debt doesn't confirm anything, but if there is anything that would lend credence to the possibility of an acquisition, and more to the point, of Sony wanting to be acquired, it would be their massive debt. I think the rumours are B.S but I think their debt goes to show that it certainly is possible.

Also I think coffee was being sarcastic and there are plenty of deluded people who think that #of consoles sold means company X 'won', at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if both the PS3 and 360 sell 200 million units each....because Nintendo still will have made more money, something to contemplate for the fanboys.



The reason I wrote it's not speculation ws in reponse to Coffees sarcastic ( but correct ) comment that Sony was in massive debt, not in response to the article, maybe if I had '@coffee' in my post title it would have been clearer.

Fishy Fingers2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Ah, so Sonys debt confirms Apple are interested in a acquisition of Sony. I figured it was speculation until it's confirmed. More fool me.

Edit: Sorry, I'm a little confused, you being with "It's not speculation" and start listing Sonys debt, then, "Sony's debt doesn't confirm anything". I see what your getting at, but the way you laid it out at first was confusing.

Edit 2: Well when the headline reads, "Sony shares up on speculation..." and you begin with "It's not speculation" you can see why it could of been taking in the content of the article.

guzman2973d ago

Bet you couldn't wait to rattle off those figures Nihilism. Don't worry, you'll be down to one bubble on this account soon enough as well.

jneul2973d ago

sony are beginning to make it back, but i do agree they are still in a lot of debt
i don't want apple to them them over it would turn sony's ps into a casual machine


Although Sony has just begun to make a profit this quarter, you must remember that Sony has assets and can absorb a few red quarters... And they are in no need to sell right when the company is about to hit their stride next year...especially if they join fources with Google. There is no way that sony does not outsell the WII and Xbox next year with its lineup and as soon as the American dollar goes up... so wil their profits.

bananlol2973d ago

Got any proof that nintendo will have made more money than sony and microsoft when this gen is ower? No you cant because a "gen" is such a loose concept. And what about blueray? Sony pretty much have the ps3 to thank for its victory so souldnt that mean they can include br royalities in their "console" earnings? Giant corporations, particulary sony and microsoft, function in verry complex ways, and i highl doubt anyone on this site fully understand how. And even if someone do its still just speculation.

bananlol2973d ago

Id like to see you prove the 200 million 360/ps3 earning sony and microsoft less than nintendo thing. Oh right, you cant because its bs!

40cal2973d ago

Exchange rates have really hit Sony hard as of late.

void2973d ago

Yet another person going on about busniess practices when they have not a single idea about how business is actually conducted. Because I already had a long fact filled post in the original apple buying sony post I don't feel like doing it again especially not on a phone. All ill say is do some real business research and not videogame website resarch. The most current forttune global 500 and global 1000 list which are the de facto business list in ranking worldwide corporations in order on factors such as revnue, profit, size of company and what type of compnay. Sony as of 2009 is the 81st largest company in the world. Apple is the 232nd largest company. How you figure a company literally hundreds of companies smaller could purchase a company hundreds of times bigger is beyond beleif.

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bunfighterii2973d ago

Sony's woes have more to do with the GFC and the strong yen as opposed to structural defects in the company. They've got a profit outlook for the year and expect to be back in the black soon.

golsilva2973d ago

the most likely of the three targets adobe, sony, disney is adobe since its the smallest. remember when jobs started trashing flash and that caused its stocks to go down maybe he did that on purpose to buy it cheaper. as for sony or disney, those are bigger than apple even though apple may make more profit. all in all it looks like sony is the winner that its stock are rising over what has nothing to do with them.

MaximusPrime2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I actually like Apple. I'm typing this comment using my iPhone 4. It's a great gadget.

If Apple buys Sony (i doubt it would), I'm sure they will work together very well.

MajestieBeast2973d ago

Who doesnt want a ps4 that costs 1000$ but is only worth 250$... Seeing as you pay 750$ for design.

EYEamNUMBER12973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

you shall burn for your blasphemy

Pandamobile2973d ago

Lol. If Apple buys Sony, say hello to a $1200 PS4.

ReservoirDog3162973d ago

Dear Lord, you're right. And yet we'd all still buy it.

CrawFail2973d ago

i certainly wouldn't for that price.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Not sure if I should laugh or cry about that.

Megaton2973d ago

Count me out of that highway rape. No chance I'd buy a game console for that much. Slim chance I'd buy an Apple game console at all.

AAACE52973d ago

And the worst part is all they have to do is put the Apple name on it and people will pay it!

duplissi2973d ago

if that happens i think ill switch to pc.... as i dont like the way microsoft or nintendo have handled this generation... ms: rrod, xbl subscription fee, shutting down first party studios. nintendo: going all casual, using last gen hardware, releasing core games like theyre a rarity.. sure i know sony started out rough but theyve got it in line now and i fear apple would change sony's stance on quality over quanity, and cuting edge hardware for the worse. also, wouldnt they end the psp, and walkman lines? sad....

leeger2973d ago

Apple is rich but Sony is still too expensive for apple imo

ct032973d ago

Oh geez. This isn't a matter of "imo".
Apple have $50 billion dollars to spend on this acquisition. That's enough to buy a majority share of Sony.

Optical_Matrix2973d ago

So what? Are you high? You really think Apple is gonna spend pretty much their whole cashflow on securing just the majority of Sony? Also, no doubt the Japanese government would intervene. No way is this happening. Especially when Sony turned around $77 Billion in fiscal year of 2009

frankymv2973d ago the world of finance, you don't have to buy the entire company to own it. All you have to be is a majority shareholder to control the board.