Games that will scare your pants off: The Fatal Frame series

Go!Gaming "Fatal Frame, or Project Zero, has a pretty big reputation on its hands and is generally known as one of the scariest video franchises of all time, if not the scariest. Generally, Fatal Frame is known for its eastern style scares and the total lack of combat. Instead, Fatal Frame revolves around the use of the Camera Obscura. And to top it all off: Japanese twins are always scary since they bring up images of the twins in the Shining."

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LukeA2973d ago

This is the first time I've heard of Fatal Frame, and I can honestly say that I want to play it now.

Like right now.

Cloudberry2973d ago

If you love survival-horror genre (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Alone In The Dark, etc) and still have a PS2 / PS3 with backward-compatibility, then get this series.

Fatal Frame is one of the best survival horror series I've ever played.

It's scary, the story is great, the atmosphere, everything!

Now I just wished there's a Fatal Frame Trilogy collection in HD, 3D, & MOVE compatibility......... : /

Murgatroyd72973d ago

I have always wanted to play this game but never have for some reason. Survival horror is great and I love camera games like Pokémon Snap and Afrika, so I really don't see what's holding me back.

RaymondM2972d ago

Oh man, Fatal Frame is a must for you man. Also, Pokemon Snap is awesome haha

na-no-nai2973d ago

best thing to play fatal frames with is lil siblings or friends, whoever in the dark, have surround sounds and a large screen tv. freaky shit ever. sadly i only missed one of the ff series and that fatal frame 3

omicron0092972d ago

damn, that does look scary