1UP: Fable 3 Review

Of the trilogy, Fable 2 still proudly stands as the apex -- a magnanimous leap over its predecessor and as one of the best games on Xbox 360. Fable 3 almost eclipses it, but it stumbles along the way, and alternates between, "it's Fable 2, but better" and, "it's not as good as Fable 2." Nonetheless, Fable 3 is even simpler than its predecessor while remaining utterly and distinctly charming when compared to the rest of the 360's library -- it just isn't quite as magical as Fable 2.

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jetlian2972d ago

find out tomorrow but fable 1 was better than 2. Whoever wrote this was on something

Exquisik2972d ago

I actually like the gameplay in Fable 2 better, but the story in Fable 1 is better than Fable 2. My biggest disappointment of Fable 2 was the ending...

jetlian2972d ago

i feel the same. though I liked the powers more in 1. 2 was just way to easy. You couldn't truly die. this one atleast has real cutscenes. 2 ending is one of the worst i've seen in a game since 16 bit era.

tacosRcool2972d ago

1up doesn't have quality reviews like they used to so the best way to find out if they are telling the truth is to buy the game anyways

Close_Second2972d ago

Fable was supposed to be the biggest thing since sliced bread, that is if the hype were to be believed. And yet the reviews seem to be getting worse, albeit ever more slightly, with each new entry in the franchise.

gillri2972d ago

reviews are consistently the same around the 85-90% mark

Whoooop2972d ago

If that was the case then it wouldn't have an 81% on metacritic.... Just saying.

smithdown2972d ago

... sucked balls. Boring quests, short story, awful map, bad camera. It had its fun moments, but it ended before it had a chance to really get good. I will be skipping Fable III and spending my time on something worthwhile. A shame, cos Lionhead is one of the few remaining Great British Developers.