Dynasty Warriors 7 to Stereoscopic 3D & PS Move; Designed Specifically for PS3

In the early hours of this morning Koei Tecmo Games held a press conference in Japan with the ideal of revealing more details on the forthcoming Dynasty Warriors 7. Originally unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show back in September, little detail was offered on the game aside from the fact that, at the time, it was stated to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. That may not be actually the case outside of Japan, but what is definitely certain is that Dynasty Warriors 7 has been built specifically to utilise the unique capabilities of the PlayStation 3 console.

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knifefight2948d ago

Looking forward to DW7 for sure.

ComboBreaker2948d ago

But the East love it and it sold very well in the East. And that's all that matter.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

''Dynasty Warriors 7 is being built from the ground-up with Sony’s platform in mind. ''
''Dynasty Warriors 7 has been built specifically to utilise the unique capabilities of the PlayStation 3''

But if this is multiplatform, I really doubt it will use most performance, there is no multiplatform on PS3 that it really takes the performance on PS3 as Exclusives titles of PS3.

But good to know it will have PS Move and 3D.

I wonder how it will be playable on PS Move in a Hack n' Slash game.

sinncross2948d ago

Who said its multiplat?

Last I heard they said it was exclusive to the ps3, though perhaps thats just for Japan.

DasTier2948d ago

I cant help but love dynasty warriors games and this is no exception, but I own a 360 and hope its not gonna try and use kinect lol.

DasTier2947d ago

@paradigmfellow lol just for dynasty warriors? bit expensive, ill just wait for warriors of troy cheers.

INehalemEXI2948d ago

perfect game for move if you want to hack till your arms can't take anymore.

Malice-Flare2948d ago

another of my guilty pleasures: destroying thousands-upon-thousands of ancient Chinese warriors...

now if only Koei develops Warriors Orochi or Samurai Warriors too, i'll be one happy PS3 owner...

Azianphil882948d ago

if it's an exclusive world wide than Dynasty Warriors 7 can actually make a comeback from their average Dynasty Warriors 6 game
they need to take full advantage of the blu ray disc to add more characters going multiplat would just make it hard to do and will disappoint their loyal fans

d3nworth12948d ago

Play dynasty warriors with the move? OMG After a week of play your arms are gonna look like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.