Eurogamer: Fable III Review

It may be messy and clunky from time to time along the way, but Fable III is only guilty of indulging its designers' whim at the expense of necessary polish, and in the royal scheme of things it's a crime you're happy to pardon. Many more RPGs will follow between now and whatever Lionhead does next with the series, but few if any will possess half as much heart, and most importantly, whatever else they have to offer, none will have Albion.

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Chuk52968d ago

For some reason I find the "heart" part of this conclusion endearing.

Kalowest2968d ago

I want this game so bad, but I'm broke.

Sarcasm2968d ago

Good score, does anybody know if this is coming to the PC or is it a true 360 exclusive?

Fishy Fingers2968d ago

PC version too, but you probably knew that right.

Sarcasm2968d ago

lol caught me red handed. I think you're on to me.

It's a shame it's delayed though.

ComboBreaker2968d ago

My expectation was not met.