GameInformer: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

In a similar vein to the Starkiller clone’s role, The Force Unleashed II is a shadow of its former self. The graceful gameplay offers a higher level of excitement, but the plot and characterization – two large components from which GameInformer expects great things from any Star Wars journey – makes this experience one of 2010’s biggest disappointments.

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Black-Helghast2968d ago

This doesn't look good, Every review gets worse.

deafwing2968d ago

but the forgot to keep the story solid like the first game
you can never always get what you really want in life

DeadlyFire2968d ago

7 or so is what I was expecting.

vortis2968d ago

Sounds like a nice helping of fail with a side-order of disappointment.

What a disappointing fail.

danielle0072968d ago

And some people still loved the game, especially people who just love Star Wars. We'll see how the rest of the reviews stack up, I guess.

And then I still won't care, especially if the story is decent, like the last oneee.

Shield2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I was hoping this would be the SW action game I've been waiting for. While not a game I'd spend $60 for it's definitely a game I'll pick up later on.

They need to make a new KOTOR with an epic story line and gameplay true to it's roots. I'm tired of seeing SW games with incredibly powerful superhuman characters instead of a true Jedi.