Killzone 2 GC War Zone Gameplay

Footage of Killzone 2's War Zone Gameplay

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reaperxciv4045d ago

1) textures up close are washed out

2) Crappy AI

3) Great game if they could fix the AI

VaeVictus4045d ago

1) Ummm

2) Ummm

3) It's got a long time to go before the game is sold. Everyone says the same thing, textures washed out? Please.

Xbox 360 Will4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

1)Your a blind Hater

2)Your a blind Hater

3) Great game regardless

LOFT3164045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

that keep sayin the texture's washed out and its too dull and grey are the same people that enjoyed gears of war (which was a great game) anyway sure the AI will be sorted got a way to go yet before its finalised but the more you see of this game the better and better it looks this is gonna be one helluva mighty fine FPS move over halo

Anal4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

OK i'm joking!!! i'm impressed. The AI looks fine and the graphics make make horny and thats the damn truth. Killzone 2 has make me smile. RESPECT. /Sarcasm

Bazookajoe_834045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I didnt realy see so much texture problem, i was to amazed by what was going on;-) but the second time i watched it i see where they can polish a little, but it´s so hard to say from a youtube clip. The only realy ai problem i saw was the Two guys who stood to close to the door when it exploaded, otherwise i think it was pretty good=)

Edit: To pop_cherry, i asume youre sarcastic?

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heroman7114045d ago

dude seriously, the 360 fanboy comments on this game is getting old. game looks great and previewers have said it too screw u and the rest of the fanboys lookin for a excuse to say this game is bad. wait till u see it in a hdtv instead of a videoplayer on ur comp and then tell me wat u see

reaperxciv4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

don't be a cry baby if I hurt your feelings.

my point: if no one notices or comments about the crappy AI & close up texture problem, no matter how MINOR these may be, how would the devs even give a hoot about fixing it.

(*) don't even compare KZ2's AI with CRYSIS, only after the devs fix it can you do that

Blabbermouth4045d ago

They said in a recent interview that theres still a lot of polishing up to do, and said that there still working on the AI.

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HeartlesskizZ4045d ago

Finallt the guy playin is better then the other ones b4

radzy4045d ago

dont worry about me commenting on how it looks like resistance or how guerilla's favorite color is grey or how i have never seen more lack luster characters in my life(every character model looks freakin weird with angry eye brows) . i want to concentrate on the a.i.
for you fankids a.i. means artificial intelligence. did that guy that was playing get shot at all. the helgast characters are bloody like walking zombies ("hey i can jump a wall" or "hey i can overact when i am getting shot" ) but when asked "have you used a gun before" ,he will probably reply "no.first time"
there was two of the main characters team mates next to the door, main character goes up to the door plants a bomb on door to bust it open and says "get out of the way".do the 2 characters move ? no.the door blows up in there faces and nothing happens to them , not even a scar.i can sense a pattern of ps3 playability scores 6 to 7 out of 10. what a laugh


damnwrx4045d ago

PS3 owners still a must buy......Fo' sure

nasim4045d ago

nothing on earth can even challenge this GAME

It is a "super duper tuper FPS"

midgetsanx4045d ago

Nice Graphics, hope they fix some of the issues of textures and A.I