GameInformer: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

While some of the missions seem uninspired, the fun of Red Dead Redemption is still there. Its colorful characters and fantastic cutscenes are as good as ever, with a wicked sense of humor this time around. Clearing towns and fetching items becomes tedious, but it’s still a blast to pop into Dead Eye and take the heads off six zombies in one lightning-quick flurry. After spending the seven hours required to finish everything in story mode, the online Undead Overrun horde mode will keep you busy for a while longer. Fans of John Marston’s first adventure shouldn’t hesitate to saddle up and take on his new foes.

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ReservoirDog3162968d ago

Did we really need a review? Everyone that owns RDR should get this.

TheLastGuardian2968d ago

This is DLC of the year for Game of the year.

rezzah2968d ago

DLC of the year, not game of the year. Realism kicked ass, storywise it wasnt so gripping. Felt like you could put it down at anytime and not care if it didnt have a smoothe gameplay.

TheLastGuardian2968d ago

The story was amazing and the Multiplayer kept me hooked for months and I still am even though I have all the trophies. Come tomorrow I will have 12 more to collect, hopefully a gold or 2. I've played this game more hours than pretty much every game except Rock Band 2. Any game that can keep me playing for 175 hours is definitely a heavy contender for game of the year. It's my second favorite game of this generation. It totally deserves that 95 metacritic score it has. Rockstar is the shit.

showtimefolks2968d ago

but i will get this dlc its coming stand alone on disk in december can't waite

TheLastGuardian2968d ago

Did you not play the multiplayer? Killing other players is so satisfying especially when you start getting them kill streaks and you hear the announcer call you a stone cold killer. Ah man, I love this game. How could you sell it. Sucks for you since you have to wait til December.

Manac0R2968d ago

what time in uk this will be available to download? i heard its a world wde release... keep checking live but nada.

TronEOL2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I'm buying this tomorrow for 20% off with that sale the PSN is having for Red Dead Redemption DLC :)

This game is far too amazing to miss out on this. Not to mention a Zombie Apocalypse in the Wild West is just the best idea ever. No rocket launchers, no grenade launchers, no Spas-12's or Barret .50 Cal's, and no automobiles.

Just pure old wild west weapons, my trusty steed and survival.

This might actually make for a good survival horror game.

Bt-dub, Expert Shooting Mode ftw.

KillerPwned2968d ago

Do you or anyone else know how long the sale will be on. Since i cant get it till friday.

whitesoxfalife2968d ago

as of this comment its not on live yet its 1.25 am central time

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