This was The Ps2 launch lineup 10 years ago

Here's the final and definitive list of all the games that were released on or before Thursday, October 26, 2000 for the PlayStation 2 in North America.

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big_silky2974d ago

i remember talking my gf into "floating" a check at walmart in order for me to get one.

thankfully this was long before the days where they actually checked to see if the account had funds lol.

GreenRingOfLife2974d ago

IMO its just behind the SNES and Xbox 360 lineups

ReservoirDog3162974d ago

Haha, you know, I hate you man but you're good at what you do.

Tito082974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

PS2's first year lineup was and still better than all this gen games put together, IMO!!!!

TheLastGuardian2974d ago

I hope your talking about the launch lineup and not the entire PS2 library. Even if you are the PS2's launch lineup kills the 360's. The entire PS2 library is humongous and full of amazing titles.

The 360 game library can't even stand up to the PS2's so how is it supposed to compete with the PS3?

KingKiff2974d ago

havent you people learnt not to reply to anyone with green in their name by now???


Seferoth752974d ago

LMAO.. Did you really just say the 360 cant stand up to a 10 year line up with massive 3rd party support so how can it stand to up against the PS3 with its constant delays and poor 3rd party support?

Delusional just doesnt cover it.

Seferoth752974d ago

Disagree all you want but no way the PS3 library beats the PS2s and it never will

tacosRcool2973d ago

What an awesome lineup that was! I still own Tekken Tag Tournament and Midnight Club!

vsr2973d ago

3.xbox360 - shooters only
2.snes - mario only
1. Always PS2 - Variety of games

PS2 is behind others

AtatakaiSamurai2973d ago

first game i got at launch for the ps2 was fantavision. remember that?

PS360fanboy2973d ago

What?! The PS2 launch lineup was terrible...I bought one (Tekken Tag, I was mad for Tekken 3 back then) but I had to wait more than half a year for a decent release, which was GT3. Ah, at least GT didn't take forever then!

EeJLP-2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

"Disagree all you want but no way the PS3 library beats the PS2s and it never will" -You

Great that you're a PS2 fan, but how could you think that when:
#1. PS3's exclusives are already up there with the all-time best consoles, not even counting what's still to come.
#2. It's getting a lot of PS2's great games, in HD, with extras like trophies, 3D, Move support, etc.

How can the PS3 game library not become better than the PS2s when it has better quality versions of PS2's best games along with its own?

I think by the end of next year, with:
*the PS3's exclusives
*PS3 Move exclusives like Sorcery
*this generation's multiplats with 360
*this generation's multiplats with the PC (DC Universe, FFXIV [if it's any good], etc.)
*this generations multiplats with Wii that it's starting to take
*Upgraded & HD versions of the best of PS2's library.. possibly PS1's also like Metal Gear Solid in an MGS:Collection.

I don't see how the PS3 isn't the #1 console of all time after 2011 (quality-wise).. and especially after the 'real' PS3 Slim hits shelves. Throw in 2012, 2013, 2014 and I think it's a no-brainer that the PS3 is an absolute beast.

Tito082970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

360 has good 3rd party support but not as much as how PS2 had, BTW, both ps3 and 360 are getting the same amount of 3rd party support!!!!

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Trunkz Jr2974d ago

Maybe Wal-mart will see this and track you down for admitting it :P

DORMIN2974d ago

SSX was the first PS2 game I played at a friends house.

Very fun game, they need to bring that back.

TheLastGuardian2974d ago

If the PS2 came out today I would be buying Midnight Club and SSX. I got my PS2 in 2001 so I ended up getting Midnight Club 2 and SSX Tricky and never got to play the originals. I'll look for them next time I'm at the game store.

CombineElite2974d ago

This has got to be the weakest launch title line-up ever in the history of video games.

I bought my PS2 with The Matrix DVD and didn't buy a game until Red Faction came out then it was all good from then on out.

Aggesan2974d ago

I remember when the N64 was launched. Two games. Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64, that was it! Although Mario 64 was stronger in itself than the entire PS2 launch lineup.

FishCake9T42974d ago

What about Time Spliters?
Time Spliters > Every current gen Sony FPS combined.
Bring itback !!!!!

MmaFanQc2974d ago


jack_burt0n2973d ago

Yeah who needs DVD its a fail format I will be fine with my GDROMs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve_02974d ago

They forgot one:
The Legendary Demo Disk.

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Whoooop2974d ago

Sony games is where is at...

JAMurida2974d ago

Evergrace is still one of my favorite JRPGS of all time... loved that game.

Myze2974d ago

Got my ps2 on launch day with SSX and The Matrix on DVD. SSX was a great choice, looking back on it.

ironfist922974d ago

King Of Consoles! Btw, whats up with all the unnecessary tags above?

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