Killzone 3 multiplayer beta footage + screens

PSuni Writes:
"Amidst the news about the Killzone 3 beta going live today, Guerrilla Games have released new screenshots featuring a look at the alpha build of the game.

Also, with the beta now live, users have begun posting footage, featuring everything from Killzone 3’s menus and options to cinematic knife kills and multiplayer gameplay."

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Jpinter2968d ago

There are over 4 videos in the article. Two of which are brand new.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Got the beta code last night at around 9pm and it's 2:00am now....I just couldn't put it down.This game is bonkers and i loved playing every min of it(and I thought MW2 MP was addictive). Now I understand why KZ players are so passionate about this have to play it to understand.

The graphics/weapons/sound affects/mechanics(feels so good!)/maps(water/snow, etc.) are just unbelievable. Oh and the Mech and jetpack.... *speechless* You just jump in it and go, no learning curve. *thumbsup* :P

This is the first game that I've play were I don't care about W/L or K/D...shit is crazy. lol Just focused on having fun and gameplay. Got my first jetpack kill! :D!!

KZ3 is a day 1 buy for me. No question.

Congrats GG/Sony you have a beast of a game on your hands.

doG_beLIEfs2968d ago

Just got home from Whirlyball and now I am looking at my fantasy matchups and bi week replacements. I will have at it tomorrow.

wait I can.....for just a little while longer.

silkrevolver2968d ago ShowReplies(2)
DarthMoose2968d ago

Came home from work tonight to find my beta code in my inbox, cant wait for the weekend to get here now.


I think I saw that in the videos of iNvidious.

ShabbaRanks2968d ago

Well at lest all these videos are showing me what to expect from the real game. . . Man I cant f*cki*ng wait to get my hands on KZ3 and they finally removed the overpowered assault class YAYYY :D !!!

I just hope they kept some secret for the full version like maybe more guns and stuff, but still from what Ive seen so far this is going to be 100 times better then KZ2 witch was already great :D !!!

KZ3 FEB 2011 !!!

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