CVG: Fable 3 Review

Ultimately, however, our complaints are mostly 'wants' rather than genuine game flaws - and we can say with utmost confidence that this is the best Fable yet.

It's entertaining, thoughtful and crucially, not entirely for RPG lovers - which could lead to the series capturing an entirely new audience of adventurers.

But be warned: Make the wrong choices and there's no going back.

Just like us, you too could be left feeling like your potential as ruler hasn't been fulfilled when the all-too-sudden credits roll around.

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Gago2973d ago

i'll wait for the gamespot and GT reviews

Kingdom Come2973d ago

Their reviews aren't to great, didn't they give Halo 3's story 9.0+?

SkyCrawler2973d ago

I don't read their reviews.

Kingdom Come2973d ago

With them being in Video Format...

SkyCrawler2972d ago

Didn't you hear? There are actual typed reviews *gasp*