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Submitted by Cyrus365 1933d ago | review

Joystiq: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 review: Not the sequel you're looking for

Joystiq: "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is a desperate cash grab. For whatever minor improvements were made to the combat for this sequel -- and, boy, are they pretty basic -- the story is an insult to the original's award-winning narrative. While the first Force Unleashed tied up a compelling piece of Star Wars cannon in a nice bow, the sequel has no aspiration to be a major part of lore or to be nearly as epic. It simply cobbles together glorified fan fiction for what amounts to an unexceptional subplot as it abruptly ends in the second act screaming, 'SEQUEL GOES HERE!'" (PC, PS3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Xbox 360) 3/5

Hoje0308  +   1933d ago
Remember when people were comparing this to inFamous 2? Based off the demo, the gameplay is nowhere near as fun as inFamous 1 and the graphics don't even come close to inFamous 2, even though that particular game is still a ways off.
come_at_me_bro  +   1933d ago
Lucas Arts has been going downhill for years.
ChineseDemocracy  +   1933d ago
Anyone else hear Obi-Wan's voice?

"This is not the sequel you are looking for"
rezzah  +   1933d ago
lol true, what we are looking for is Battlefront 3. To bad it got canceled.
BinkyStalls  +   1933d ago
or wanted
Blaster_Master  +   1933d ago
Bullshit, the demo alone was at least an 8 outa 10.
Zachmo182  +   1933d ago
Yea dude i have to agree with you..That demo was pretty sweet and a hell of a lot better then the first game.
Nihilism  +   1933d ago
Yeah...and you've never seen a good trailer to a boring ass movie with cherry picked scenes in the trailer?
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Blaster_Master  +   1933d ago
True, but I actually played through the trailer like 15 times cause its just that damn good. And thats coming from someone who played and hated part 1.
AntoineDcoolette  +   1933d ago
TBH I had more fun with the first demo of the first game and that isn't saying much
crazyturkey  +   1933d ago
LucasArts stop licensing these average games and make a decent studio do SWBF3, Another Rogue Squadron game, a proper Knights of the Old Republic sequel(The MMO doesn't count), or even a Republic Commando sequel. I'm sure I forgot a few other good Star Wars franchises that should have sequels.
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Xof  +   1933d ago
...I don't get it.
Why would ~anyone~ have high expectations for a sequel to a bad game? That hardly ever happens. Hell, I can only think of one case where a crappy game got a decent sequel--Assassin's Creed.

Yikes. It's almost as bad as the guys that get hyped to hell for each new Fable, or Final Fantasy.
BWS1982  +   1933d ago
Some people loved
Force Unleashed one or AC 1 and expected even more, I assume?

duplissi  +   1933d ago
i loved ac 1 in fact.
gaden_malak  +   1933d ago
Xof - FU1 wasn't a bad game to some, that's probably why.
spunkee311  +   1933d ago
Completely disagree
Force Unleashed had its short comings, but nowhere near a bad game. It was a pretty good game actually. Especially coming from LucasArts.
Pretty decent story, gameplay, vids...etc
It was ridiculously too short.
Assassins Creed, again, decent game.
I think everyone expected both sequels to be excellent.
DeathSyphon66  +   1933d ago
Follow Protocol
One negative review starts a landslide. It's like saying something sucks because the popular kid said it and no-one wants to challenge so follow protocol you media drones. Here's an idea stop comparing everything to GOW3. seriously "this isn't god of war" "That isn't god of war." Why don't all you reviewers just buy a life sized Kratos blow-up doll already?
tigertron  +   1933d ago
I'm not bothered about the reviews. The first game got less than great reviews and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the demo of TFUII, so I will definatly be buying the full game, but I'm busy with the KZ3 beta right now so I'll buy it after I'm done with it.
Hoje0308  +   1932d ago
Fuck you for getting the K3 beta! Ha! Just kidding.

But seriously though, burn in hell.

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