Skewed and Reviewed Post Killzone 3 Alpha Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some HD video of the multiplay action in the Killzone 3 Alpha which was released today.

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Hoje03082968d ago

Man, how can you be that bad at a shooter?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Link to the story so it doesn't get pulled.

Lyr1c2967d ago

The guy was nice enough to post a video. No need for insults...

gamerdude1322967d ago

Hey, no need for being a douche. You don't see up saying how much you suck when you upload a video, do we?

Garethvk2968d ago

Easy, I play on PC with a mouse and keyboard and the footage was of my first time playing it, so I was focusing more on showing off the game rather than planing. I went on a 5 kill streak the game after it once I knew the map better.

despair2967d ago

no need to defend yourself man, some people are just plain offensive for no legit reason(him not you).

RememberThe3572967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

How dare you take the time to show us this game that we're all interested in! I mean come on!


But in all honesty, maybe take time to play the game a while before recording it.

Rhezin2967d ago

The playing field is going to be completely different now with jetpacks and mechs. I LOVE IT! Maybe the fourth will take it even farther. killzone attack dogs?

Shazz2967d ago

this game has the best maps ive ever played on in a fps

despair2967d ago

I agree I stopped and looked at the details on the textures and the meticulously crafted map with so many random things placed in it, of course I got my throat slit shortly after...

BABY-JEDI2967d ago

For the upload. How well did the framerate handled? Just a question, & was the animations quite fluid?
all best

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