Watch Blizzard's fake unveiling of three new games from BlizzCon

Joystiq: "Blizzard surprised attendees of its BlizzCon 2010 closing ceremonies with the (totally fake) announcement of a trio of new projects -- which, considering the fullness of the developer's dance card, was a pretty solid hint that all present parties were about to be viciously punk'd. If that didn't do the trick, the identities of the games certainly did: Teasing that the reveal of the company's unannounced MMO was just moments away, Blizzard's Paul Sams pulled back the curtain on World of Jersey Shorecraft, Gleeablo and Booty Baywatch."

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Cyrus3652976d ago

LOL the Reaction of the crowd when they thought it was REAL, was Epic hahaha...

GLoRyKnoT2976d ago

Pond scum. every single one of ya

MajestieBeast2976d ago

Blizzcon was such a joke this year nothing new and they still dont show anything about the new mmo.