Insomiac Games CEO Ted Price asks gaming news sites to spread the word to unite!

The California government could put a damper on game companies, thanks to a proposed California gaming law that, according to Insomniac Games CEO, Ted Price, aims to treat video games as “restricted substances – similar to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.” The US Supreme Court hears oral arguments begin on November 2nd and a decision will probably follow quickly. There are a few short weeks for gamers to be heard before it’s too late.

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almehdaaol2972d ago

Will gamers answer the call? How bout the N4G gang?

mokmoof2972d ago

Until there's a shed of credible evidence that media violence actually leads to real-world violence (or indeed, to any out-and-out negative effect), this kind of legislation will never be anything more than shameful demagoguery.

domo3252971d ago

I have some doubts that it would work, but signed the petition anyway for the sake of gaming.

chickenbutt2971d ago

Hope this helps! I don't want this law to get passed.

poison_shadow2970d ago

Alright, this is something we need to rally for. Go gamers go!