First episode of Back to the Future free

Extra Guy reports: You can get the first episode free by clicking here. It requires that you to log in to your Telltale account or sign-up for one, but at that price they could ask us to sign up twice and we would.

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RockmanII72973d ago

umm... I got the game but it won't give me a link to download it. Anyone else having this problem?

ReBurn2972d ago

Not available for download yet. The website says they'll email you the link when it's ready.

RockmanII72972d ago

Oh thank you, I was getting really pissed off about it last night lol.

Thecraft19892972d ago

My collection is coming any day now dose uk colectors edtion with tin come with this ? and how much are the episodes ?

Lirky2972d ago

Wish it was free for psn,pc, and mac. It just seems it could be for pc.

DlocDaBudSmoka2972d ago

an excellent point. I did sign up for the free one, but now that u say that, idk if this was for all versions or not.

soundslike2972d ago

bastards are gonna make me buy the whole series ha! good one telltale