IGN reviews Stuntman Ignition: 6.5/10

Stuntman: Ignition really does have a lot to like. Explosions, well-designed movie sets, lots of vehicles, and great humor in the form of movie spoofs and director commentary ("Dude, if you nail this scene, I will totally give you my sister's number!" "I hear she's Asian!"). If gamers are willing to sit down and learn each level, which means playing all of them over and over again, there's a lot of fun to be had. Problem is, the game is often too frustrating to learn.

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MK_Red3795d ago

I was expecting a bit higher score from IGN. But this isn't a really bad score.

alexander22rednaxela3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

It is not a "bad score" technically, though it`s not worth the price on the package unless you really WANT IT NOW. I played the demo and the game is difficult mainly due to the fact that the car physics feel a bit wobbly, and the game is still a bit to hard for the average gamer, graphics and sound is not using much of the console engines.
Though it is very unique, and it is a one of a kind for(to some extent)
obvious reasons.

When basing a game`s gameplay on scripted movie sequences, it quickly becomes a developers road to linearity. ;)

Razzy3795d ago

"the game is often too frustrating to learn"

I remember the first game being fairly difficult too. I may give this one a rent but that's it.

MK_Red3795d ago

True, in original we had to restart every level countless times because of that single error. Still, it was way more unique back then.

Loudninja3795d ago

What 360 fans been saying baout the demo, and the not so postive prviews.

i Shank u3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

after playing the demo, this game seemed like more of the original w/touched up grphx. its hard and you have to get things perfect, but thats what these games have been about. i think its a good rental, or cheap buy

nasim3795d ago

wasnt this MS motorstorm killer



doublertist3795d ago came out on both systems

RadientFlux3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

only the mentally retarded thought Stuntman would kill anything other then your patience

wow in that case I can't wait for Eye of Judgment killer "CSI: Hard Evidence" ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.