Rumor: Insomniac Games working on a new project

Insomniac Games could be working on another, unannounced title, according to the company's Twitter feed. A message was posted stating that they're "working on something new". The tweet was deleted immediately after being published, but it has been quickly captured.

Insomniac Games has followed up with a message stating that the "last tweet was for an internal presentation of ours."

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TroyAndAbed2891d ago

Why is this a rumor? Seldom is a studio not working on a new project. -_-

hikayu2891d ago

next in today's news : cows still produce milk after it is milked .

of course insomniac is working on new games , it's their job . but what game are they working on ?

MrBubble2890d ago

you were going to make a cod milked joke

but ya we alreday knew they were working on a new title

Mac is OK2891d ago

It's not a given considering they already have two announced projects going (Resistance 3 and the new Ratchet). But they were believed to be prepping a multiplatform game so yeah, it's not really surprising.

badz1492891d ago

it doesn't even qualifies as rumor! Insomniac always have something cooking. it qualifies as rumors if PD is working on new project other than GT5 for example!

GoldPS32891d ago

I think we already know this. Well I do. The game they working on will be multiplatform.

GLoRyKnoT2891d ago

No way !! really !! amazing !!

Sarcasm2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I approve of this message.

Because we alllllllllllllllll know that video game studios don't do anything at all with their time and just kicks it all day.