CVG: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

For £7.99 or 800 Microsoft Points then this is quite the package. Undead Nightmare brings a whole new, chunky single player campaign with all the great Red Dead qualities (and some of its niggles).

If that's not enough the Overrun multiplayer alone will prove to be a big addition that'll hook loads of players from the moment that very first zombie head goes bang.

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NecrumSlavery2968d ago

How long is this campaign story. And how does it tie into the original story? Also how do you play it, is it activated ingame or seperately from menu.

My guess...kid goes to sleep, activates DLC, game is a full fledge game like Episodes, and in the end the Kid wakes up...the end? That sounds really cool, but thaqt is my guess on how this goes.

KillerPwned2968d ago

I know it happens when you are done working for the government and can return home. Besides that is all i know.

DORMIN2968d ago


Did you guys see the new trailer?!

AAACE52968d ago

You gotta give Rockstar credit on this one! They came out with a good game and they came with good dlc that is appropriate considering it's halloween time.

Ahasverus2968d ago

Wow Rockstar never ceases to amaze me, I love that company, RDR was one of the best games in history and Rockstar is actually expanding it in smart ways that don't harm the original concept. Buying day 1

Dsnyder2968d ago

Yeah becasuse zombies in an old west game totally doesnt harm the original concept. This "add zombies" thing is the cancer that is killing creativity. Zomebies are so painfully cliche that adding them to anything just makes it corny. Take a break from the damn zombies thing for a while ie (5-10 years) devs. We have seen way too much of it.

Ahasverus2968d ago

This is a tongue in cheek story, no one takes it seriously in RDR canon, it's like a Haloween special. far more preferable than a story expansion that leaves more plot holes than the original game, now that's harming *cough*AlanWake*cough*

Orionsangel2968d ago

Will anything from the single player of Undead Nightmare carry over to free roam, like mythical creatures, gang hideouts with zombies?

Denethor_II2968d ago

I've found it hard to take their reviews seriously ever since this: http://www.computerandvideo...