GameSpot: The Sims 3 Review

"The console version of the PC megahit lacks fluidity, though it's still fun in its own right."

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T9X692976d ago

I honestly think critics will never accept The Sims on consoles because of how great it is on PC. I'm sure console only players will enjoy this very much. I have the PC version but I'm still getting the 360 version tonight for my GF when I pick up Fable 3. Should be a good game, Sims is always great fun.

Nihilism2976d ago

They should have had the console version with built in mouse/keyboard support, the problem is though that so few people use a KB/M on their consoles, next gen they should bundle one in with the console that way console gamers can get full fledged RTS games and there will be no excuse for lack of support, diablo 4 anyone?

-Alpha2976d ago

I wanted Move support at the least. I really want it on my console, but slow load times and the unnatural controls is going to make me cautious

Persistantthug2976d ago

This is part of that "lazy dev" syndrome we been hearing and talking about.

Games like this and RTS's aren't bad or subpar on consoles because consoles can't handle them....

They tend to be subpar because developers shortcut the experience.

spunnups2976d ago

Even if this game got 11/10s I still wouldn't play it.

T9X692976d ago

Then why did you come here?

VINNIEPAZ2976d ago

"Then why did you come here?"

Same reason trolls flock to Kinect topics I guess....

Elvfam5112976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Buying this for the wife she loves it on the pc....

Off topic fable comes out tomorrow I havent seen ads for it

kissmeimgreek2976d ago

Its always on where i am (Atlanta, GA)

zero_gamer2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I haven't gotten around to playing the PC version yet. Now that the PC version is cheaper than it was I should pick that up. It wouldn't hurt to also buy the PS3 version when the price drops as well, to see how well this game performs on console. Good game for console gamers though. Maybe when I get a new GF, this would be a perfect gift!

electricshadow2976d ago

My roommate is picking this up tomorrow. It's a solid score for a console version of The Sims. I have it for my MacBook Pro, it just feels right playing it on a computer, but hey, to each their own.