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"Like Bayonetta and MadWorld before it, Vanquish weaves an experience so wickedly over-the-top that if Michael Bay, John Woo, and Robert Rodriguez were melted down and rebuilt as a single sentient being, their collective minds would still be blown before the opening credits had even finished rolling. Well, perhaps not by the opening sequence as Vanquish’s story and cinematics are surprisingly dull. They border between comic book-esque absurdity and the most boring and cliched exposition on par with Hideo Kojima’s worst, and as with Bayonetta they drag on far longer than they should. As a vehicle for the action the story does a barely passable job, but you could literally interchange any character or plot point with those of a random Saturday morning cartoon, sprinkle copious amounts of the F-bomb on top, and still end up with roughly the same outcome."

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lavachoke2970d ago

havent played it yet but the games graphics are so full of win

Gago2970d ago

more reputable sites gave it 8s and 9s

Kalowest2970d ago

who gave it a 9, all I've seen is 8s and lower.

Gago2970d ago

gametrailers, Gamespot, and bunch of others

Kalowest2970d ago

from all the reviews I've seen/read, this is just an okay game.

Neckbear2970d ago

It's probably the most "hardcore" game we've seen in some time.

Although I can see why some people won't like it (difficulty, excuse plot, pokes fun at everything, and incredibly fast-paced)- wich is why this is a somewhat niché (If not a cult-classic) game.

Lich1202970d ago

I have it and love it. Its, in my opinion, finally a good Japanese take on a shooter. Its shallow for sure, but it great fun while being shallow.

guzman2970d ago

@Kalowest: I take it you've been reading your reviews from the 5-6 no-count shit sites that gave this game sub 8's. The larger sites have been praising this game and rightfully so, the game's phenomenal. Halo is probably more your speed kiddo.

Neckbear2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Only one guy (On PS3 scoreboards anyways, last time I checked) has beaten the game on God Hard. If you unlock anything after God Hard or not remains a secret- and there's a rumour than you obtain God-Like guns after beating ALL the challenges. But it is just that, a rumour.

What comes next after Challenges and God Hard (If anything comes next...) remains a secret or not. Hell, those two modes will take you a LONG while.

Tried God Hard a while ago- it's an INCREDIBLE difficulty spike compared to HARD. Seriously, JESUS CHRIST. Challenge modes ARE THE SAME IN DIFFICULTY TOO.

Truly a Hard game, alright.

alee2970d ago

Sounds like fun, but perhaps not worth the price of a regular retail game.

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