Rockstar Table Tennis GC 2007 Wii Controls Interview

With three different control sets, Rockstar's Table Tennis caters to all types of players.

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SiLeNt KNighT4007d ago

this is going to be an awesome game. one wii game im actually looking forward to.

alexander22rednaxela4007d ago

Looks great for a Wii game, though the camera was a bit too far out, so it might get a bit hard to see the racket considering it blends into the scenery.

ItsDubC4007d ago

Playing racquet sports on the Wii w/out using the Wii remote strap is how ppl get hurt!

BrotherNick4007d ago

Please god make it online, I need to whip some noobs.

an_idiot4007d ago

No offense but I think the control is gonna SUCK........ Just look at how the guy holds his wiimote, hes NOT holding it like a ping pong racket. If they have to play without holding the racket right, how can the controls be good. His hand is angled so uncomfortably.

ItsDubC4007d ago

He said there were 3 control styles to choose from so hopefully ppl will find at least one that appeals to them.

ITR4006d ago

They were playing what's considered the Wii Sports mode.
So it controls just like Wii Tennis.
If you want total control select 'Control Freak'.