DS Lie Detector game released in Japan

This new DS game from SEGA called Heart Scan works as a sort-of lie detector and uses the microphone to detect emotion and intention in voice patterns.

The game went on sale on the 16th in Japan, but will probably not release in the US.

Heart Scan uses "sensibility technology," which was developed by Advanced Generation Interface Japan Inc. and SGI Japan. The initial use for the tech was to monitor worker moods over the phone.

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alexander22rednaxela4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Awesome, DS allways have some cards up it`s sleeve to suprise.
What could be next? A breathalyzer?. :o

They could however create a motion-sensing game to go hand in hand with Wii fit, so the DS would calculate how much you move during the day.

The Real Joker4074d ago

I think this is a cool idea and I am not lying...I swear.

rich30004074d ago

i no you were being sarcastic about the breathalyzer but i read somewhere that nintendo were going to do something similar lol

sumfood4u4073d ago

it's endless magic tricks!

kcdude4073d ago

But I still kind of wish I never traded my DS for a pocket pc. :(

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