GDC China: Epic's Meegan Talks Gears Of War Outsourcing

GDC China kicked off in Shanghai with a keynote from Epic China CEO Paul Meegan discussing 'The Possibilities and Perils of Production Outsourcing, And How It's Changing the Way Games Are Made', and Gamasutra was there to report his conclusions.

Meegan, who formerly ran Ubisoft Shanghai, recently set up the relatively low-profile Epic China, previously revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2006, and his speech at the inaugural GDC China conference, co-run by [Gamasutra owner] CMP and IDG, covered the bases, from why to outsource to some of the pitfalls of doing so.

Epic China has been set up to provide outsourcing help both to Gears Of War creator Epic and to associated companies using Unreal Engine 3, and already has a large China-based staff working on asset creation for games - thus Meegan's keenly awaited speech.

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