IGN: Rock Band 3 Review

"Rock Band 3 is the best music game option around. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. But my bet is that most people will just buy the game and nothing more. And while that experience is still solid, it's not all that different from Rock Band 2."

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westy5522973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

IGN must give 8's a standard these days. lol

Anything that has Cod on the front cover is a straight 9.5 though. rofl.

Edit: @uncyrus WWE - 8.0, Fallout - 8.5, Vanquish - 8.5, Naruto - 8.0

SpaceFox2973d ago

Yeah, they gave Naruto Storm 2 an 8. I got it, beat it, and I can say it's easily a 9 at the least. Has no bugs/glitches from what I've played, the graphics are amazing, the QTEs during boss battles are just stunning, and the actual fighting is intense.

It lost the repetitiveness of the original and added a ton of new characters and features. Yet IGN gave it a lower score than the original.

Biased fucks. Give credit where credit is due, it seems unless you're a high-profile game you won't be getting good reviews from those guys.

will112973d ago

I bet the 360 vs PS3 comparison will show the 360 version looking better.

westy5522973d ago

@will1 who farking cares its rock band.

UNCyrus2973d ago

actually, it seems that IGN has been on a string of 3's and 5's...

SpaceFox2973d ago

IGN's been giving low scores to everything lately. But I'm sure when the big budget games like AC: Brotherhood and Black Ops come out we'll be seeing 9-10s all over.

Money, what can't it buy?

El_Colombiano2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I can't wait to get the adapter for my full keyboard to play this on. Man. Tomorrow can't come quick enough!

EDIT: No it doesn't come out tomorrow. Nothing except the official instruments release tomorrow. The six string guitar releases sometime in the future.....whatever that means.

The MIDI adapter comes out some time in November for $40. Amazon has it for $30 with a preorder guarantee so I'm going to hop on that soon. It's compatible with MIDI Drums, Keyboards and Guitars so it sounds like a killer deal if you have any of them.

ilikestuff2973d ago

i want the real deal 6 string guitar, i cant find it online, does it come out tomorrow too?

thebudgetgamer2973d ago

on gttv they said it was coming sometime after launch.

that's what i'm waiting for. i wish i could play the guitar with some beatles songs.

ilikestuff2973d ago

ok thanks, cant wait to play some songs the way they should be played, plastic buttons really isnt my thing, and to be able to play a full song on any kind of instrument just gives me a sense of accomplishment..... and itll help you to get some vag too

Axecution2973d ago

The Squier (the one with strings) doesn't have a release date or price yet. The Mustang Pro guitar (the one with 102 buttons, one button for each fret) comes out on November 15th for $149.99.

Bass_fisherman2973d ago

Amazing how people are still interested in this after so many releases of the same genre.

Well but at least its not guitar hero.

Dsnyder2973d ago

"But, ultimately, the Pro Guitar is kind of dumb. If you're going to pay this much for a fake guitar with buttons that make it hard to slide your fingers on, why not spend a little more and buy the real thing?"

Exactly. I dont know why people think this will make them guitar gods. Its like saying wii fit will make you ripped and sexy. I dont really like how serious music games are getting. Muis games are supposed to be just that. Guitar Hero knows what it is. A game to play and have fun with, Rock Band 3 is the worst music game to ever release.

danielle0072973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

GH is really no better than RB3. It's all about the people that play the game. There is a huge group of people that are uber serious about both GH & RB and play them hardcore and dedicate all their time to them. Like, GuitarHeroPhenom or NationalSniper or the bajillion others that are amazing at the games.

RB3 is giving more options, and actually growing on the genre, instead of staying stagnant like the GH franchise. You really can't call that the worst music game ever, Harmonix actually puts effort into it all.

They're both there to have fun with, and they both have things for the hardcore. Some people don't want to play an actual instrument, they'd rather play a video game, and have leaderboards to dominate. Plus, that community is pretty tight knit, and a bunch of them are buddies or rivals or both... I used to date a guy that was super into it all.

thebudgetgamer2973d ago

the rock band 3 guitar is a real six string that you can plug into an amp.

danielle0072973d ago

Your point, my friend? :)

Dsnyder2973d ago

If rock band 3 was meant ot be fun; they missed the mark. As a guitar player, I know you dont learn guitar by playing video games. It takes serious practice. Ive split the skin on more fingertips many times fretting on the strings. Many hours have gone into studying theory and technique just to become an intermediate player. Rock band seeks to patronize the art by implying you can learn to shred in 5 minutes by playing their game and this is just not the case.

Rock band doesnt know what it is anymore. Even though it was an obvious rip off or Guitar Hero, it stil had the right idea of being a simple party game to strum colored buttons on. No one pretended like they were guitar gods when they played it, but now we are going to see a bunch of tool posers who think they are the shit at guitar because they are playing rock band 3. Guitar Hero is pretty much the only real music GAME left. It has stayed true to what it is supposed to be, a guitar game, not a guitar simulator.

thebudgetgamer2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

my take is if i buy a real guitar and don't take to it for what ever reason i'm stuck with a guitar. with rb3 i still have a fun game to play.

edit: fair enough.

i just want to start a beatles tribute band. have to learn to play guitar first.

danielle0072973d ago

Both GH and RB have a strong following of the super hardcore, who dedicate their lives to the game, and play 8+ hours a day just leaderboard whoring.

It's all about how they are played. RB3 or GH can both be treated as casual party games, or they can be taken much more seriously. They don't consider themselves great guitar players, but they do consider themselves RB / GH gods. Which, is obviously different, but I think it's awesome.

RavageX2973d ago

I do believe you have missed the point of the game. They said it themselves(the creators) that it's not meant to make you any sort of rock god, it's meant to give you a TASTE of what it's like to play/learn.

And in the end, it's still optional. If you choose, you can still play the game the same way you've played since GH1. Speaking of that..just so you know, the creators of Rockband ARE the creators of Guitar Hero. They moved on to do something bigger and better, while Activision stuck with it and promptly ran it into the ground.

Rockband makes the choice of wanting to play real guitar an easy one, if you like the game, and decide you wanna actually try to learn, pro mode gives you the basics. It helps you learn so that you can move forward...away from the game and on to the real thing.

What I don't get is that some "musicians" don't like the idea of anything that makes learning the basics a bit simpler. As if the only way to learn is the old "tried and true" method.

They should be doing the exact opposite and encourage people to try this, to see if they might actually want to try learning guitar in the future.

Learning basics by looking at charts, NOT fun. I don't care what anyone says. This makes things a hell of a lot more interactive....and FUN.

Redempteur2973d ago

"Rock band doesnt know what it is anymore. Even though it was an obvious rip off or Guitar Hero"

let's forget 1 second that harmonix guys aren't the guys that made guitarhero 1 & 2 and you might be right.

Also pro mode is optionnal and it was the right decision to help those who want to learn the instruments to try.

Rock band know what it is .. one of the most complete music games ever created. it can be played many way ( pro or not ) and that the force of the product

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danielle0072973d ago

I'll just get the core game for a whiiiiile, and then I'll probably pick up the keyboard :D

RavageX2973d ago

That's the same thing I'm doing. I did get the cymbals for my drums though. The keyboard can wait a little while.

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