Why The RPG Dominates Even Over The FPS

Game Podunker Gregoric399 writes, "I think that the most influential genre in gaming right at this moment is not the First Person Shooter – but the Role Playing Game. Yeah I know that upon absorbing that statement you’re probably wondering whether I’ve also suffered a lobotomy as well as the total sensory deprivation which I mentioned earlier but please be so kind as to run with me on this. If you break a role playing game down to its fundamental features you’d see that almost any game you can think of right now has a little bit of an RPG inside of it and almost any game right now can give you an RPG experience to a point, at least..."

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CommonCent2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

The title is at the least misleading. Also the writer seems to think that other genres that use "Character Customization" are using RPG elements..... Since when did Character customization automatically make it a RPG, FFS I have played RPGs that had little to no character customization.

Who approves this garbage?

imoutofthecontest2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

While I agree with the article *in part* about greater character deveopment/customization becoming more prevalent in other genres, I really think most of that would have happened regardless of what RPGs were doing. Furthermore, those are not a defining factor of RPGs, really. And I say this as a guy who...well...RPGs are kind of what I do, heh.

And yes, somewhat misleading title.

Genecalypse2969d ago

I think its more so the character progression system each FPS employs nowadays

DaCajun2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

My opinion most games are Role Playing Game in one form or another because unless you are using that game to control your own life experiences then you are in fact role playing. When you play a soldier in a shooter you are playing as someone not you and not of your own experiences so you are in fact role playing. Same goes for almost every game that you control some kind of character.

But by what we determine to be the RPG genre then there is more to it than character customization to call another genre game a RPG. But genres change all the time nothing is set in stone just like gaming is changing everyday, so can the way we define the genres.

CombineElite2969d ago

I was reading an article that detailed the specifics of a RPG and for the most point more and more FPS have RPG elements in them such as CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT in online shooters by way of LEVELING up your characters abilities and weapons.

The real difference is decision making and consequences of choice. In a FPS no matter how clever the story there's a good guy and a bad guy and all bad guys die.

In RPG you have the choice to form Alliances and you may piss a group off later down the road and have them turn against you which will alter perception of your character. In RPG's the story can change depending on your actions.

If this is too complicated just remember the basic

RPG 30 + hours to beat
FPS 6 hours to beat if your lucky

mastiffchild2969d ago

Combine-most shooters have MP which gives gamers unlimited hours of fun if it's done well and is generally where the value is in FPS/TPS. Even a shooter like Vanquish with NO MP has replay incentives built in(attack modes/speed run/clear run challenges and so on)so your "6 hours if your lucky" is a little unfair and I've also had plenty of RPGS that didn't merit even finishing their story!.

Just enjoy both like I do and see that games like FO3 and Borderlands are trying to take elements from BOTH sides to fuse genres and that's the way it's headed.

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erathaol2969d ago

Well people can always explore the origins of experience points and find a few arrows pointing back to Dungeons & Dragons the Roleplaying Game. The roleplaying aspect in FPS games isn't always going to be about your character changing the story but rather your character evolving into something stronger through upgrades. Which is only half the fun of a true RPG.

HinakoNinomiya2969d ago

can't see why i can't like both.

ElementX2969d ago

Gamepodunk? WTF kind of retarded URLs do people think of? Same with Crush! Frag! Destroy! and Games on Smash.... F#*king retarded names.

TheLiztress2968d ago

What does your remark have to do with the article? As far as I can tell, it doesn't.

Anyway, to make sure I stay on the subject... I have to say that to me, more and more games are merging different genres together. Which can be a good thing as long as they take the best from each and make it all work together.

gypsygib2969d ago

I wish every game was an RPG, now a days the main difference I see between them and other games is a 25+ hr story that's actually well written, engaging and involves character and plot development.

The majority of other games' story revolves around, "get from point A to point B". And while I'm doing that the story dies.

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