Fallout Collectors Edition Comes With Shiny Useless Chip That Brings Bad Luck And Misfortune

The Collectors Edition comes with a shiny chip that pretty much did nothing but bring misery.

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mistajeff2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

kudos for mentioning Wawa. Wawa is the greatest store ever created in the history of mankind... ever.

interesting thing i noticed about the chip.. i was looking at it very closely the other day and i noticed morse code etched into each side of the chip. i decided to find a translator and see what the code came out to-- it's all numbers, and on one side it says 232077. on the other, 112281. on the first side, the little roulette ball is in the 10 slot, giving you 10 232077. in the fallout universe, the bombs fell on 10/23/2077. on the other, you get 7/11/2281. i haven't played enough of the game to get the significance of that date, but i believe it's a few months before New Vegas starts. sexy.

Matthew942888d ago

maybe its the date of Fallout 4 or some kind of dlc?

mistajeff2888d ago

or the release date for fallout online. hiyo!

NecrumSlavery2888d ago

hell yeah Wawa is the best store in the world. I love going there and getting the hot cheese stuffed jalapeno pretzles and cookies&cream milk

GilIsMunny2888d ago

nice find.. i always have to give them credit for going all out. everything about the fallout series just 'blows me away.'



mrv3212888d ago

2281 the year fallout new vegas takes places in btw.