Warhawk game-sharing grounded; Sony tells GameSpot why

A Sony representative answered a few quick questions to GameSpot about the DRM on the downloadable edition of Warhawk.

GameSpot: What's different about Warhawk's DRM?

Sony representative: The downloadable version of Warhawk, which is available from the PlayStation Store, will be directly tied to the registered PSN account that purchased the game. Only that registered PSN account will be authenticated for gameplay. You will still be able to download the game to up to five PS3 systems. However, if a user downloads Warhawk onto a different machine, he/she will only be able to play via the original PSN user account on that machine and could not play on a different machine for 24 hours. This does not affect the Blu-ray Disc version of the game available at retail.

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Adamalicious4131d ago

This makes it retail version for me once again. Being able to take the disc to a friends along with the headset makes it a no-brainer for me. Also resale value if I get tired of it - which may never happen, but still.

heroman7114131d ago

i know its off topic but do u know if i can have up to 4 players playing online from one ps3

Foliage4131d ago

I agree with the retail version. The headset addition makes it a great bargain.

DrWan4131d ago

Yes, u can. The first player say would be "DrWan", the 2ndone that joins for split screen would automatically become "DrWan (2)"

TheExecutive4131d ago

Its a bunch of bs, that is what it is. I should be able to play the game on my subaccounts on the same ps3! I could see taking it to several ps3's but the mac number should have made it in there somewhere! Seriously.

Amplifier4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

You had every opportunity to read the TOS before paying for it, YOUR FAULT, now grow up and take your lumps like a man.

This is a way of protection for Sony, don't like it, sell your system.


tplarkin7 - You ever installed software on your PC, you ever read an instruction booklet, ever read the booklet that comes with consoles, and etc...I can go on, you don't have to do anything but the FACT still remains, IT'S NOT SONY'S FAULT THAT YOU WERE NEGLECTFUL!

TheExecutive - "Get a life." How about you get a clue! Your complaints are not justified and yes I will be more than willing to point them out to correct you.

power0919994131d ago

That's what TOS are for. I know nobody really reads them, but they are there to protect the company.

I am fine with this, just as long as it does not spill over into other psn games like Tekken, and what not.

tplarkin74131d ago

Reading TOSs is not fun. However, since Sony's system is "open", I would expect a work around for sharing the game.

TheExecutive4131d ago

Just because I think something is bs means I cant take it? I can take it and I still think its bs. its dumb, incognito cant put in code to read the mac number? Give me a break. Its not like I wouldnt have bought the game but its dumb.

"Dont like it sell your system"

Give me a break dude, like I said just because I dont agree with something doesnt mean that I cant take it. I cant speak out about something that bothers me? Get a life.

4131d ago
Panthers4130d ago

I think they did it the way they did because they want you to play it on any PS3 but the only way to do that is to limit it to one account.

It was either just one PS3 or just one account.

The best idea would to attach some sort of hidden code to each download so that if you give it to someone else, and one of yall is online, the other one wont be able too, or it could even ban both of yall.

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Fan Tastic4131d ago

Seriously mad that I bought the PSN version now.

The game is awesome, they just need to fix this.

Amplifier4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

So it's Sony that made you buy the game but "DIDN'T" warn you about the TOS, sorry buddy you are the one that "*'d" up.

Some of you people act like 2 years old when it comes to things of this nature.

Learn to read before you sign and/or buy something, I really hope that most of you don't have cell phone contracts because you would be really frustrated after reading one.


Disagrees - Hate all you want but if you continue down life ignoring printed material before you buy/sign something you will have more heartache and frustration than a Catholic school girl.

toughNAME - Tell you what, why don't you sit down and read any TOS from Microsoft, Nintendo, Sprint, AT&T, etc. then come to me with that same attitude, no I am not a Sony fanboy but an ADULT gamer that understands and takes responsibity for my actions, not a cry baby that can't deal with the choices that I make.

toughNAME4131d ago

you would die for Sony wouldnt you?

Its like an abusive relationship
Sony's the agressive male
the fanboys are the weak females

the fanboys get pushed around and do whatever Sony tells them to do

Sony doesnt care about you Amp! hes just using you!

TheExecutive4131d ago

I dont think you get it... its a feature that should have been implimented on the game (being able to play from subaccounts on the same console). Its not like we wouldnt have bought it. We know its a fact, however we disagree with that fact. I am not saying that they duped me, or somehow I got screwed over I am saying that its bs that this game doesnt allow the feature. Get over it.

SacT0wnF1n3st4131d ago

1 more reason to buy the Blu-Ray version which I will get it tomorrow.

Frances-the-Mute4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

this is how i got into the warhawk beta, thanks to game-sharing, unfortunately HOME beta had this same situation

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