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This week sees the release of a major AAA Xbox 360 title, Fable III. The Lionhead poster game has been the focus of some positive previews, comes from a well respected studio and is probably the Xbox 360′s big exclusive for the remainder of the year. Hopes are high, but you’ll have noticed there’s no reviews for the game yet – and that’s because reviews of the Microsoft published title are embargoed until 5am BST Tuesday, the day of release. *

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van-essa2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Major publishers do this for major releases (Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, GTA...).
I'm expecting the game to score from 7 to 9

NecrumSlavery2972d ago

Fable 3 may or may not have good reviews. If old Peter finally delivers on 8 years of Fable promises, then we welcome good reviews.

T9X692972d ago

It doesn't matter if he delivers his promises or not, I've played both Fable games and getting Fable 3 here in a few hours, and I have never been disappointed with the series because of his false "promises", which were more of him speaking his mind out loud than actual "promises". Fable is no different than any other big exclusive for either Xbox or PS3 and will receive generally favorable reviews. Even if this game scored 1's across the board, it wouldn't effect my purchase because I have always loved the Fable series despite these so called "promises".

ASTAROTH2972d ago

More of the same. The worst thing is that it has framerate problems that are a real shame. It runs below 15 I think... Dont judge my comment just play it?

coolbeans2972d ago

These games have been released for years now. Shouldn't these so called "gamers" focus on the quality of what the product is rather than what was promised YEARS AGO?!?! Yes, Moly hypes his products immensely, but I've never seen such a huge focus on Fable hype rather than the games themselves.

"If old Peter finally delivers on 8 years of Fable promises, then we welcome good reviews."

So disregard quality and give good reviews ONLY if a we get to see the full life of a tree in the game, got it.

divideby02972d ago

I hate when they do this with SP games. I can see holding out reviews for Multiplayer games, since the online in most cases have not been tested.

We all know that most have already finished Fable, reviews are written and just waiting to hit the send button.

I really need a review on this game, before I buy it which I do have reserved

Rampaged Death2972d ago

Eurogamer just broke the embargo and gave it a 8

Danniel12972d ago

Well sweeper you thought wrong, and judging from you one bubble you must be wrong about alot of things.

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CrzyFooL2972d ago

A good read. People that break embargoes are dicks.

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