Gamesradar: Shaun White Skateboarding Review

Gamesradar: "Get the tissues ready, because this is a semi-tragedy. Shaun White Skateboarding is a partly a bad game, but it’s painfully close to being a good one. The fatal flaw is one option. One mystifyingly absent option. Controlling your skater can be done with the balance board or a Wii remote and Nunchuk combo, and most sane gamers are likely to plump for the latter. Movement’s handled by the analogue stick (so far so good) and grinding is dependent on twisting the point of the remote, which works well enough. But jumping is mapped to an upwards flick of your wrist, and stunts depend on you to tilt the remote at the same time. It’s a city-sized disaster."

You'll love

* The art style's certainly different
* Brings something new to skateboarding games
* Cool shaping mechanic

You'll hate

* Controls are in the gutter due to the jump
* Makes you look like a demented fly swatter
* Sk8er attitude is consistently bogus

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