Top 5 Creepy Moments in Non-Horror Games

If, like me, you usually avoid the horror genre, you still probably have a list of games have have ratcheted your creepy-meter to full throttle. Here's mine.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved - 343 Guilty Spark

Admit it: the first time you met the Flood, you were a little freaked out. By now, their pulsing gray flesh, their tentacles, and their bloated sacks full of parasites that burst if you get too close probably fill you with nothing but mild annoyance: but there was a time when Halo was the cream of the console gaming crop in terms of graphics, and you had probably never seen a monster so vibrantly and disgustingly alive. This would have ranked higher were it not for the levels titular character, the Forerunner A.I. Guilty Spark, whose voice alone is enough to suck most of the tension and mystery out of the whole situation.

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Kingdom Come2973d ago

Ravenholme, that was intense, eerie and gritty and offered a completely different atmosphere within the game. I particularly love the disturbing character you interact with during your stay, who meets his gruesome demise after assisting you...

socofsnails2973d ago

Father Grigori? He lives? Seriously, it's been checked, and he can hold out indefinitely against the zombies.

tunaks12973d ago

Oot had some pretty nerve-racking moments.