Will Kinect Be the New Wii?

Back before the Wii came out, IndustryGamers made an infamous prediction that it would not sell as many units as the PS3 and Xbox 360. They wanted to rock the boat and stir up some debate in an industry which was at the time too locked into certain points of view – to say the least, they succeeded. IndustryGamers was wrong in the prediction, however... very wrong. They've had a lot of time to reflect on that, and they think they know why they've misestimated so drastically.

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thebudgetgamer2969d ago

disapointing to core gamers?

xYLeinen2969d ago

hahahaha :p Nice one >_>

TheBlackSmoke2969d ago

Lol wii looks like a piece of NASA technology compared to kinect.

Genesis52969d ago

Yup! People will play it for a month. Then it will be in their closet.

ComboBreaker2969d ago

Kinect will not be the new Wii.
Wii 2 will be the new Wii.

mrv3212969d ago

That be great because the fans on my 360 can be used as a Vacum

VINNIEPAZ2969d ago

"disapointing to core gamers?"

WTF guys. Do you just not like ANYTHING? I'm pretty hardcore and I'm not disappointed about getting a Wii. It has some great titles. maybe if it was my MAIN system I'd be a little bored from time to time (not disappointed). But thats why I own every system so I can get all the games.

I swear this site has the most judgmental angry gamers I've ever seen. Cheer up and enjoy gaming instead of hoping everything fails.

thebudgetgamer2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

yea i love my 360 and don't want it to become full of casual crap. not too say some casual games are not needed (like the ps2) it's about finding a balance and i am afraid that microsoft will quickly dump the core for some of that wii money.

punisher992969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

"I swear this site has the most judgmental angry gamers I've ever seen."

And whats wrong with being judgemental? If people weren't judgemental, then products would never improve.

cmrbe2969d ago

Which core gamers?. From what i have seen x360 core gamers are on the kinetic hype express train defending it like its their baby.

This is what happens when MS spend half a billion on marketing and give sales figures instead of real quality exclusives to their core fans to play with.

After all the gaming expos we have this year i am really surprised that it has taken this long for you to even ask that question.

TheBlackSmoke2969d ago

Buh Buh Milo iz my best friend

Buh Buh teh minority report

Buh Buh its like a new console

Buh Buh controller-less gaming is teh futures.

VINNIEPAZ2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

"From what i have seen x360 core gamers are on the kinetic hype express train defending it like its their baby."

Wha.........? I think this is another one of those things were a fanboy (from a Sony camp) thinks everybody with an xbox is just DYING to get a kinect. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer and love to get all the new tech 1st, but even kinect isnt really doing it for me right now.

"hype express" - More like hate express from the Sony fanboys. I think its sadder that they HAVE to bash kinect in every topic LIKE ITS THERE BABY. And maybe a few will defend kinect and you call that hype express?

Please stop trolling

@ bustamove - What the hell is the sense in bashing it? Let the people that want to get kinect get it. And why defend kinect? Because I dont see it as a TOTAL failure. It has potential to be great and as a gamer I WANT to see things game related do well and create new gamplay experiences. Its not even out yet so give it some time. I can understand if you dont like it, fine but damn do these guys HAVE to bash in EVERY kinect topic? Its sad. If you are a gamer and want stuff like this that IS gaming to fail, then you fail.

@ Blacksmoke - After reading ya 1st comment here, you are not even worth a response, fanboy

Am I mad? lol Um, no, but the Sony fans are mad. "E3 2009 press conference", wow you just keep a catalog of every statement made in gaming. I dont think you want to defend Sony when it comes to claims being made from the past, lol.

bustamove2969d ago

Why are you rushing to defend Kinect every time someone has something negative to say about it? Seriously, give it a rest. Not everyone is a troll.

TheBlackSmoke2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

puhleasse, If you want to be impartial then take a look at all the move sales articles crawling with M$ employees.

You have just attempted to defend a blanket generalisation of 360 owners by using a blanket generalization of PS3 owners.

Edit: @ busta, totally agree, I don't think anybody is saying anything that isn't true. We all knew
kinect could not do what M$ promised and now we have been proven right. M$ have owned themselves with this product so expect criticism, why should people just ignore a glaringly obvious fault just for the sake of being impartial?.

Edit: @ vinniepaz .... U MAAAAAAD BRO? go watch M$ E3 2009 press conference and listen to them tell you what i just said. Milo stole the show and would of sold millions on day one so why did they scrap it....oh yeah because it was FAKE, it couldn't be done, just BS smoke and mirrors.

Deflect your anger elsewhere, because last time I checked kinect's whole line up consists of dancing and fitness games lol gtfo

TheBlackSmoke2969d ago

I keep a catalog... err no.. everyone knows kinect/natal was revealed at E3 09, btw nice to see that you actually tried to refute my comments with a good counter argument...oh wait, you cant.

Sony has delivered, I dunno what world you live in, Move works, ps3 has the goty 2 years in a row, best exclusive line up, best looking games on a console, lol kz2 even ended up looking better than the target video that everyone said was impossible. 2011 is just going to be monster for PS3.

Its gonna be cool seeing all my HARDCORE titles give me the option to use the move controller without sticking me on rails with one function.

I have to admit though, kinect will be the best version of eye toy ever.

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Pandemic2969d ago

Yes, Kinect will be the new urine.....

donniebaseball2969d ago

I'm not sure Kinect will be the new Wii, as they put it. But I do think Kinect will be way more successful than I had thought just a few months ago. The marketing push and getting on Oprah alone should do wonders.

nikrel2969d ago

The Marketing push, Will it be a quality product I doubt it, will it sell massively yes, because of people like Oprah pushing it.. That ryan guy is doing it as well..

Kinect does not make me want to buy a 360 thats for sure.. all i've seen are shoddy precaptured footage, with the fact of the room size forget it.

DeathGazer2969d ago Show
xYLeinen2969d ago

I don't know. I'm going to be very careful about what I say about Kinect, because I get a strange feeling that this will be very popular. Personally, I don't care at all about Kinect, but strangely I think people will be buying this day one.

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