GamaGanda - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II may be repetitive, extremely short and featuring a really uninspired storyline but it satisfied the nerd in me and that’s everything a Star Wars title has to do. Ever. Always.
Why should you play it? You’ve got a hot blonde, a big black badass enemy, cool Force powers and a pair of lightsabers. Who the heck can top that?

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joydestroy2972d ago

so another short campaign. that doesn't sound good. then again, i bet this guy didn't play on hard which is most likely what i'll start on. hopefully when the 3rd one drops they'll double that play time and make it more varied.

i wonder if there's a flight part in this one, because that definitely needs to be added...flying a ship would be so awesome!

xYLeinen2972d ago

I've heard all from 3 to 5 hours campaign.

Personally, if the campaign is over with less than 6 hours with normal difficulty it won't be worth 60 bucks on my part. In a pure SP game I demand campaigns with 8-9+ hours. It all depends on re playability, trials or w/e they might have but you get the idea.

joydestroy2972d ago

i'm okay with the length because the mechanics are spot on for the most part this go 'round. meaning i'll definitely be playing it multiple times through on different difficulties. i've played the demo 7 times now...

i think it's worth that $50 if i play the full game that many times lol
plus, i'm selling it for half of what i pay to a friend.

morganfell2972d ago

The mechanics are spot on? I respectfully disagree. And I mean that with respect.

There has been a disturbing trend in Star Wars games where the force has to be some ever increasing power. I took the last game out of my console right after pulling the Star Destroyer down. Absurd.

Such off the scale force powers are not a substitute for imaginative gameplay. A force burst where you rise in the air like Trinity and blast 20 enemies backwards. It just gets ridiculous and is a poor stand in for lightsabre abilities combined with a, shall I say, realistic use of the force. These devs should have played Dark forces II Jedi Knight so they could understand how a Star Wars game should feel.

wedgie2972d ago

@ morganfell

I agree about the game, and while I enjoyed the story the gameplay mechanics were eh at best.

But about the Star Destroyer, there was a book once (unfortunately I forget the name, otherwise I could provide it as evidence) where from the cockpit of an X-Wing, Luke ripped large enough chunks out of the hull to bring it down. Which is pretty cool.

But then again, Luke was the son of the choosen one, trained by two of the greatest Jedi ever (Obi and Yoda), and then after the movies went on to research all of the Jedi lore and techniques in order reestablish the order single-handedly. That is a bit different than just some random Jedi i.e. Starkiller.

Lightsaber2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

The game might be short but if your a star wars fan. The game is always good fun. Its easy and you can always sit down and pop the game in for a quick play. However I'll proably rent it and wait to buy it till the price drops

morganfell you obviously only seen the movies and dont read the books. You mihgt remember this tho.

"size matters not"

joydestroy2972d ago


i didn't mean spot on as in they work just like in the movies or something. i meant mechanics wise...the way the player moves, how the powers react when you push certain buttons. the powers aren't broken this time and the controls actually work.

i completely agree with your point about the powers being absurdly strong for the most part compared to the movie franchise.

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eggbert2972d ago

I saw a deal for it SOMEWHERE...

gaden_malak2972d ago

3 to 5 hours for a SP-only game is a disgrace. I'm still getting it and will play it through a number of times (as I did the first one) but I am disappointed.

rdgneoz32972d ago

I'll wait and get it used. Curious when it started to become acceptable for developers to charge $60 for a 5 hour game.

h0stile2972d ago

lol, OK, it's a short for Gaming Propaganda

AwesomeJizz2972d ago

Short my ass. I'm getting tired of people calling games short.
Kane and Lynch took me 2 weeks to finish. Vanquish another week.
It's short if you don't stop playing it. Not when you go out, live your life, and come back to finish it.

h0stile2972d ago

when you've got a wife, a kid, a full-time job and a website to take care of, you've got to play on Sundays and most of the time what happens on Sundays, it's done by Monday.

Fishy Fingers2972d ago

Huh? If your playing a game for 10 minutes a day and it takes you 2 months to complete, that doesnt make it a 2 month long game.

It's a review, they have to list the negatives as much they do the positives.

Der_Kommandant2972d ago

i´ve heard the demo was half of the game

Urmomlol2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

This review is terribly written.

Horrible storyline, short, recycled gameplay mechanics = 9?

Looks like someone gave a high score just so Lucas Arts would let them run a review early.

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