Worst Movie to Game Adaptations Ever

PSUni writes "Over time, mankind has been subjected to some of the greatest forms of entertainment around. Whether it was from the comfort of our own home, or it was out and about at a local theater. Unfortunately, the greed of mankind has also allowed some of the worst abominations to take form by trying to create a hybrid between different forms of entertainment and that has resulted in a ton of lost money and quite a few headaches.

While some hybrids work out just fine, it seems that the video game industry hasn't learned its lesson in the field of combining movies with games whatsoever. In fact, I used to think the industry was getting better over time with this practice, but it turns out it was only because the visuals were getting better."

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alphakennybody2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

edit: woops misread, sorry I got the n4g sydrome: one of the symptoms of this sydrome involve misreading the title.

DavePSU2970d ago

Alpha -- those are games turned into movies. They don't qualify.

cochise3132970d ago

they're should be a law where no movie game can ever be made.

Beast_Master2970d ago

the only problem with that is... Spiderman 2, Super Star Wars. The best Spiderman/Star Wars games were movie based games. actually they have been getting better, there was a joke going around about how much better Xmen origins: Wolverine the game was better than the movie. Developers are figuring out that they need more development time and that the game should be a seprate expreiance from the movie. I am actually looking forward to the Cap game, mostly bc I am a huge cap fan.

Anderson82970d ago

prepare for disappointment.. altho i hope its goood myself

Baka-akaB2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

The best werent based on movies .

At least for certain when it comes to star wars .

Remember kotor 1-2, jedi knight , dark forces , tie fighter , x wing vs tie fighters , x wing alliance and now force unleashed ???

Beast_Master2970d ago

As far as Star Wars goes, KOTR may be really good, FU is fun as well but Super Star Wars on SNES for over a decade was the undisputed champion, you can make a case for KOTR being the champ now, but everything else really stunk until the SNES version which is why I mention it.

Baka-akaB2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

it's not just kotor , i gave you a list of highly praised recognized games and series , that each sold very well .

It's just a matter of fact that , while the super star wars serie was quite great , there is a far bigger wealth of equally rated , or even better rated sw games , all without direct ties with the movies .

Some even brought new gameplay element at the time , that are now common , but were revolutionnary .
Like Dark force wich included the ability to look up and down, duck, and jump

wedgie2970d ago

Don't forget Battlefront for those Star Wars games

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PirateThom2970d ago

Then we wouldn't have Goldeneye and the world would be a worse place.

hiredhelp2970d ago

the movie wasnt shit .the game was. but leets not knock one game for that. many titles also in same boat.

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