ID software's warning to people not to Pirate Doom II is full of epicness

Gamersmint: We wouldn’t have dared pirate Doom II after reading this message from ID software, but then again who would?

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cyborg2977d ago

"Remember if you're playing a pirated copy of DOOM II, you're going to hell"

That's how you do it. Pirates beware!

moho-foe2976d ago

I remember this game came on 11 3.5" disks after I played this game I let 3 friends borrow the disks.

thereapersson2976d ago

That DOS install took FOREVER! lol

I remember the satisfaction from my friend and I after the install finally finished. Those were the days...

maxcer2976d ago

lol 11 floppies? i actually had the cd-rom version, probably the first cd based game i ever owned.

i had doom1 on 4 disks tho, and for some reason i couldn't find the game at retailers and we had to order direct from id

commander2976d ago

You dont go to hell over something as silly as stealing a game or as I like to call it borrowing.

bananlol2976d ago

Hell is a silly invention by silly people to scare you into their silly way of thinking.

Leio2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Funny how religious people find out about places no one ever came out from... in details :/
Isn't that contradicting ?

RedDead2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Well Hell's not so bad if you've got a BFG with you

bananlol2976d ago

Would really like to hear the arguments of rhose who disagreed.

RedDead2976d ago

bananlol, if you don't believe in that shit(Load of BS imo), then fine, but don't go challeging people who do.

Count2976d ago

Not wanting people to do bad things? I'm sorry, but I don't find that silly.

Nobody knows what lies beyond life.

bananlol2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Belief without reason is a cognitive trait that is far to spread in the human population. It motivates people to do things that gain no one. The same thing that motivate suicide bombers to do what they do motivate the trolls on this site to do what they do. And i find that quite tragic.

What defines a bad thing? And if the only reason is to stop people from doing these supposedly bad things isnt it a lie then? Im pretty shure death lies beyond life, i mean thats usually what happens.

likedamaster2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

You speak in absolutes as if your opinion of 'no hell' is reality, or the truth.

Here's the bottom line, I'd rather believe in it than end up there because, "I didn't believe so therefore it can't be real". No one knows for sure.

Some of you emphasize how you can't prove God, but forget you can't disprove Him either.

Let's put it this way, if Christians are wrong they're good either way. However, the real question here is, what if Christians are right?

on topic/
Humor in copyright warnings never fail.

acky12976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Pascal's wager has been discredited by believers and non-believers as a valid reason to follow a certain religion (christianity here) for ages.

Believing just to cover your own skin and hedge your bets wouldn't go down all to well if you were to meet you're maker. Surely God would want honesty and not just someone playing the percentages for their own gain?

And what if you are following the wrong God?, that would make the real one super-pissed! Worse than if you just couldn't bring yourself to believe due to lack of evidence.

Perjoss2976d ago

hell is having to play through Damnation from start to finish over and over while listening to Celine Dion for all eternity.

bananlol2976d ago

Im not trying to say that the possibility of a creator is 0%, i mean this may werry well be some kind of experiment by some hyper intelligent beings. What im trying to say is that there is no omnipotent god. How do we prove this then, well the simplest way is through heisenbergs uncertainty principle. It states that there is limits to how well one might know a particle. And if there is limits to what one can know, there can be no omnipotent god. And if your conciousness is detachable and can go to hell, how come it gets affected by drugs? Oh well maeby because our brain is nothing more than a biological computer and our consciousness the program it runs.

sonnyz2976d ago

Fun Fact: The word in the bible that people translated into "hell" is SHEOL which also translates to "GRAVE" or "PIT". So you can believe in a "hell" or not, depending on which translation you use.

sonnyz2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )


You talk about God as if you are omnipotent yourself. You can't prove that there is no God. I hope you realize that science itself is just a guess. Nothing can ever be proven as truth. Science is simply used to decide what is most likely the truth. We can't even prove that we exist. Philosophers have questioned our existence for ages. For all we know, we could all just be fragments in someones dream, and when they die or wake up, we will just disappear.

sonnyz2976d ago


Downloading games isn't stealing because after you download it, it's still there! For example. I could steal your girlfriend and that wouldn't be very nice. But if I cloned her, you would still have your girlfriend, but now I have one too. See? Not stealing. Just copying.

gamingdroid2976d ago

I believe if there is a God, and he is all loving then he wouldn't care if you believed or not. After all, if you didn't believe, that just makes it appear like God didn't do his/her job!

RedDead2976d ago

Sonny, it's stealing the products value. Your not paying for the experiance and your not paying for what the dev put in. I don't care, I do pirate alot of games, I pay for ones that deserve to be paid for and deserve the full price, I odn'tpay for old games, just recently I got Xenogears. Loving it. But it's too old and would be to much trouble to get a copy of it, so I downloded it, I stole it, I steal alot of games. Atleast I admit i'm stealing though.

My justification is I had most of the games I d/l before, so I techically paid for them already(MGS, Res 4 etc) . It's not lawfully correct and i'm breaking the law, however in my eye's if I paid for something once I should have to pay again, especially since I payed that much for them in the first place ....€50 =/

sonnyz2976d ago


I know, I was just trying to be funny :)

bananlol2976d ago

Well there is one thing we can be certain of, our own existance. Cogito, ergo sum if you will. Science as we know it today is based on axioms, facts that cant be argued, like the speed of light in vacum or the infinite uncertainty of pi. If one of these is proven to be incorrect then science as we know it will change. A good excample of this is when classic physic (Newtons) was discarded for quantum physics. Newton wasnt wrong though, Schrödingers model was simply more precise.

I wasnt trying to say religion in itself is bad, just those that do not think for themself and follow something blindly do no one a favour. It stands to reason that the only perfect model of a system is the system itself, so we will never be able to understand everything, and perhaps there religion has its place.

This is probably the most OT ive ever gone but sometime my mind just wanders off. I apologise if i offended someone, which was never my intent. A religion has no right to tell people how to think, but neither do i.

RedDead2976d ago


Please accept my humble apology then :)

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PopEmUp2976d ago

Pirate always pirate games no matter what you say lol

BakedGoods2970d ago

At least McGee did Alice. Romero has done nothing 'cept gain infamy for titles like Daikatana.

Fishy Fingers2977d ago

This a new thing then? Or from the original game build?

Dont really get the 360/PS3 tags though.

SuperStrokey11232977d ago

Its amazing how small of a staff they needed back then to make games... now there are hundreds... crazy stuff.

cwir2976d ago

well if you look at those games and at games now, it's pretty clear and not amazing at all :)

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