Black Ops: Killstreak – Napalm Strike

You’ve got enemies swarming the objective, and there’s not enough backup to take them out. You’ll lose the battle if you don’t cut off access and lock them down quick.

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Turbo Teddy2885d ago

Isn´t the flack jackets´pro-perk resistance to indirect fire ? Perhaps its possible to run through the napalm fames, after the strike.

Red_Orange_Juice2885d ago

killstreak awards are stupid

DORMIN2885d ago

Meh no video?

Sounds interesting, especially for objective based games. I REALLY hope the MP is balanced with all these new Killstreaks or its a no buy for me.

Close_Second2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

....have almost ruined MoH MP. Seems like sometimes that you can't go 10 seconds without an airstrike of some description. Typically camping snipers are the ones who benefit from killstreak perks as they watch from the back as their team loses...again.

artdafoo2885d ago

Unless that napalm strike is bringing down or even blowing holes in buildings I'm not interested.

NickX2885d ago

You're not interested, yet here you are. Posting about a killstreak.

You're a COD addict son. There is no hope for you.