Game Informer: Ghost of Sparta Review

GI: Whether he’s scaling titans, traversing the underworld, or killing gods, Kratos is defined by his epic exploits. When Ready at Dawn released Chains of Olympus for PSP in 2008, the studio proved that these larger-than-life deeds can be packed onto a small screen while retaining God of War’s signature style. Even in light of that accomplishment, Chains of Olympus looks like a practice run compared to Ghost of Sparta. From the dynamic combat to the cool story, every aspect of this follow-up has been enhanced, creating an experience that is more than just “good for a PSP game.” Ghost of Sparta is a standout entry in an already amazing franchise.

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StarScream4Ever2973d ago

Spartans! Prepare for battle! >:D

VINNIEPAZ2973d ago

If you own a PSP you got to have this game. I'm 3 hours in and its great. Very epic continuing boss fight at the beginning. Also the graphics are great. Really, get this game guys.

tinybigman2973d ago

everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the sites dropping 6-7 on this game look really, really stupid.

J BO2973d ago

Wow this is must buy :D

gamingisnotacrime2973d ago

holy sht im so glad i pre ordered the psp bundle,oh yeah!!!