Red Dead Revolver: Redemption's Forgotten Older Brother

Those who are just finding out that Red Dead Redemption is a sequel will be surprised that it's older brother acts quite different, and was born in another country.

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jc485732976d ago

you will even be more surprised that Red Dead Revolver was bought from Capcom by Rockstar. Red Dead Revolver was originally developed by Capcom and it was intended to be a supernatural western (something like Desperado I believe) instead of the the spaghetti western that we know of. Rockstar only kept the original protagonist design (well, the details on the character have been downgraded for some reason) and then created a world around him. They took out a lot of cool gameplay mechanics that I wished they simply go along with it, but I guess Rockstar wanted a whole new game.

Here's a video of Capcom's Red Dead Revolver

It seems like some of the gameplay mechanics have been reapplied in Redemption, which is a plus for Rockstar.

alphakennybody2975d ago

it still baffle me why rockstar didn't pick where capcom left. The game could have have made a bigger impact with all those mechanics back then.

captain-obvious2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

actually i thank god they didn't
because you see read dead revolver did what all video games should do
realistic but at the same time arcady
now its hard to get that balance in video games but read dead revolver was just spot on

read dead revolver was one of my most favorite PS2 game of all time
the game screams epic each and every second as soon as you insert the DVD in to your PS2

and it got one of the best intros in all of gaming history
better quality

i mean listen to this shit
it just puts you in the mood man

alphakennybody2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@ capt.

i love revolver probably even more than redemption and yes the music in the game were classics. but I found capcom's version more interesting.

TheLastGuardian2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

I didn't completely forget about Red Dead Revolver. I bought it used when I bought Red Dead Redemption. After I finished Red Dead Redemption I started Revolver and played it about half way through until I got stuck the mission where you play as Red and your AI is Shadow Wolf and you have to take out all these enemies. The first RDR is a great game but it's way tougher than Red Dead Redemption. I will finish Revolver when I get time.

Bass_fisherman2975d ago

Very interesting. great article.

B_Rian892975d ago

I remember when this game was released. I always wanted to play it but never did.
Did Rockstar and Capcom have some sort of partnership, because if i'm not mistaken, when the GTA games (PS2 era) were released in Japan, they were published by Capcom

gamer81792975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Red dead revolver was a game I knew nothing about. I went into blockbuster and saw this game for rent. It look interesting so I got it. I was hooked as soon as I started playing it. I had never played anything like it. I took it back to blockbuster, and went to gamestop to buy it. I must have played it all the way through several times. I loved playing different characters. The only thing that was a let down is that you couldn't ride a horse except one part(if I'm remebering correctly).

nnotdead2975d ago

i wasn't a big fan of Revolver, and the first 2 hours of Redemption have been boring as hell. hoping it will get better soon.