Get into the Killzone 3 Beta via IGN

The Killzone 3 beta is up and running, but if you're not in it -- it was only open to the first 10,000 PlayStation Plus members who downloaded the Killzone 3 beta theme -- you might think that you're screwed.

Luckily, you know IGN.

Yes, we have Killzone 3 beta codes, and we're giving them away with week in a number of amazing ways. Using IGN's Twitter, IGN Executive Editor Greg Miller's My IGN page and IGN's official PlayStation show Podcast Beyond, we're handing out your super-exclusive way into the big dance -- and we're doing it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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despair2973d ago

wait is it 10k or 5k ?

rajman2973d ago

It was 10k in EU & 5k in US
And btw Im so happy because:

writersblock2973d ago


I wish I was in the beta :(

deafwing2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

dang show off

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lolz

nah it's all good ... tells us what you think about the demo so far?

There were some great early vids by invidious over at yTube of the demo but of course more user feedback is best.

tacosRcool2972d ago

You lucky dude and I hate you because you can play the beta!

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TheLastGuardian2973d ago

Looks like I'll be having my PS3 on all day on the 27th waiting to enter in a code. I hope I'm fast enough.

MariaHelFutura2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

On topic: I want in.

Off Topic: I just randomly got sent the LBP2 private beta in my email. I just played it and it rules. It is soooooo much better than the first. The space level is INSANE (story level).

trancefreak2973d ago

I refuse to jump threw hoops to get a code. Ive been a ps owner since 1995 and im a playstation + member. If thats not good enough sony has their sh1t to straighten out.

Hideo_Kojima2973d ago

How would they know you are a PS owner since 1995?

If your too lazy to jump threw hoops you will probably be too lazy to jump threw hoops to post bug reports.

Posting a bug report will take longer than getting a code threw IGN.

shqype2972d ago

And how about all of the others in the same boat as you? Sony cannot please everybody. Unfortunately, some people won't get into the beta. Stop thinking Sony owes you something, because it doesn't.

thematrix12982972d ago

Isn't the point of beta is to give customers chance to try the product? At least thats what we do in IBM, I hate how you have to be lucky to try out beta.

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mrv3212973d ago

WHY does IGN give these out via Twitter? They'd get more money if they gave them out via the site where they'd get advertisements.

It's not like I don't think they shouldn't give out codes but why via twitter? Seriously... just do it the old fashonied way, release 100 codes on a page on the hour every hour... surehere's server strain but there's also adveriements.

ChronoJoe2973d ago


They weren't given to IGN, so IGN could make a profit from them... if Sony know IGN were using they're codes, intentionally - to lure people into there, profitable advertisements. They'd probably have a problem with that.

This in itself, is a good advert. For IGN, to the people that use twitter.

mrv3212973d ago

You do realise to get information ABOUT the give away we had to go on their site.

Hideo_Kojima2973d ago

They are also giving them out on IGN and the IGN podcast...

Don't worry IGN is smart.

ChronoJoe2973d ago

Yes of course, but I'm just saying why they're also on twitter.

Using the logic of the guy I quoted, if IGN were smart - the codes would be given to IGN subscribers. There's no harm in IGN using there website to give away the codes though it's just there would be if they were doing so, purely to get add revenue.

DoomeDx2973d ago

Please, do NOT approve this.

it will only decrease my change of getting into the beta :(

kidding. approved

ddurand12973d ago

twitter is mad dumb.

and this should have been a public beta. or ps+ only beta where everyone gets in.

foss32973d ago

I also don't use or like twitter. We need less noise not more. Twitter: Instantly notifying us of the every meaningless and inane thought of the masses.

I'll be pissed if I don't get in the beta. I downloaded the theme as soon as I got home from work, it was almost a 5000. Figuring not everyone rated it I doubt I'm in. I have been a PSN+ subscriber for months now.

ThatIrishGamer2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I take it winners will be given their code via a private message.

CrawFail2973d ago

should already have it.

most of my friends list is on it.

I didn't get a code although I downloaded the theme within about 10 seconds of it being put on the store.
I have a feeling it's down to my only having a 3 month sub to plus.
If that's the case i'm seriously going to lose my shit.

I sold my 360 because i felt ms ripped me off with countless rrods and having to pay for online which i didn't use that often and if my suspicions are correct sony are doing the same.

DoomeDx2973d ago

Sweet jesus take it easy!!

They said it might take 24 hours!

CrawFail2973d ago

24 hours to send me it when everyone I know who 'applied' is already on it? bullshit.

DoomeDx2973d ago

Patience dude

i know many many MANY people who downloade the theme very early..
they are waiting patiently.

maybe you should do the same.
Also, a BETA is not meant to be played as a demo.

dead_eye2973d ago

HAHAHAHA @Crawfail You buy a 3 month sub to try and get into a beta and you feel ripped off. You should have bought ps+ for the right reasons and get the bonus of been in the beta. Can't blame stupidity for been ripped off

CrawFail2973d ago

dead eye.

i bought the 3 month package because i was short on cash. i didn't get into plus exclusively to play betas.. only a idiot would do that. i got it for the free stuff.

at no point in the t&cs does it say a 3 month sub will not get you beta access, so excuse my ignorance and anger here, but i'm slightly annoyed i haven't got in seeing as i've done everything right.
what are you on about blaming stupidity for being ripped off, or are you just trying to be clever?

dead_eye2973d ago

@crawfail lol it's the internet so I was going for clever. You may still get in as emails are still been sent out.

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