Marvel Vs Capcom 3 : List of deconfirmed characters and franchises

A lot of characters and franchises have been deconfirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in various interviews and write ups.

There's been so many that keeping track of it has been a near impossible task, but community members took it upon themselves to compile a list of known people who have been deconfirmed from MvC3.

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tda-danny2968d ago

For a game 100% about fan service, they sure are omitting a lot of fan favorites.

Cyclops and MegamanX would be pretty sad omissions for me. No Cyke, and it's a doubtful day1 for me. Most likely bargin bin. I was really really looking forward to this as well...

Nitrowolf22968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Most likely all these character will become DLC or be featured in another upgraded version of MvsC3 (although it would be the first they do that i think). I know Capcom going to end up doing it, they need the money. Thats what i hate most about this gen DLC, last gen we didn't have to put up with DLC of characters just the way the game was.

but man some of those characters, come on really?

RockmanII72968d ago

I remember a friend of mine told me that Ryota Niitsuma from Capcom was asking for who the fans wanted in as DLC for MvC3. I think Pheonix Wright will get in, the fan demand for him is extremely high (Gene from Godhand and Megaman X are also very high).

Baka-akaB2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

That's the thing , everyone is always someone's favorite . The Marvel universe (and to a far lesser extent , the capcom universe) got too many popular heroes and villains , to not dissapoint some people with their choices .

As for the whole dlc thing , sure capcom is obviously greedy , but the current limitations with roster size seems a bit genuine .

People forget why MVC2 had that many characters and the choices they made back then . They only added 9 new one and recycled everyone's sprites from their previous games and appearances .
Rebuilt from scratch , be it 2d or 3d , it wouldnt happen that easily or at all .

I already hear other complains about say M.O.D.O.K or a few others taking someone else's spot . But then again no one requested the likes of Blackheart or Shuma gorrath in the past marvel games neither , and even less Marrow .

I'm pretty certain people said "come on really" about some of those too

Of course both companies will push game with their most popular characters , but also what's happening right now within the books , account for the rise of new popular character , and the ones they wanna push for reasons of their own .

come_at_me_bro2968d ago

Well said. Keep in mind there is also a fan subgroup to cater to that doesn't necessarily fit into either category: fans of competitive fighting games. The lack of certain characters and the inclusion of surprising or disappointing characters might just be a balance choice or the team trying to add an interesting or fun character to the roster. I don't know much (or anything) about the Marvel universe, so I don't really know who M.O.D.O.K is or why he's disappointing, but if he's a fun character to play or adds an interesting layer I'm all for it.

Theonik2968d ago

Building characters in 3D is much easier actually. Especially animating them, for the SF characters they are probably recycling their SSF4 props too. Sure if they only omitted niche characters it would be understandable, for a game of this nature they NEED more characters. So far though even Megaman isn't confirmed. Imo they should at least match the roster on MvC2.

Baka-akaB2967d ago

How so ? the game doesnt even remotely looks like sf4 nor use the same engine .

At best initially MvC3 looked like an hi res Tatsunoko , and even so it's easily to tell their didnt reuse stuff from it .

People act as if the ones revealed are it and the final number .
They said recently they'd reveal at least 2 charaters per month . With a released estimated around march april , it's gearing up for minimum 38 characters .

All that without the multiple clones and useless original characters , i think it's solid .

about your other point , building characters is easier than in 2d , but hardly easy . Remember again that they only created 9 for mvc2 , and pretty much gave up on balance .

Gohadouken2967d ago

Much easier in 3d ?

Definitively not . 3d got it's advantage but also it's inconveniences .
Ever notices how there are hardly fighting games with much bouncing and deformations besides boobs and elongated arms like dalshim and super skrull ?

That would be because 3d animation in such games use up too much memor and isnt as smoothly done than with 2d .

Wich is why you never see , at least not yet , anyone like shuma gorrath , venom , carnage , Arakune , or Demitri and some darkstalker characters , with their insane amounts of deformations and transformations in 3d .

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blackburn52968d ago

Could have done with out MODOK, Dr Doom, Dormammu and Superskrull in exchange for better characters . Off topic. Capcom should really either make a upgraded HD version of Rival Schools or a Rival Schools 3. I loved that game.

Baka-akaB2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

i can only disagree .

I mean for starters doctor Doom ? If we are going to pick only the popular kids , it's obvious Doom would be there anyway .

And from the vids shown so far , the rest of your list got some pretty fun and not so common gameplay .

The part i'm worried and impatient about would be Capcom villains .. We only have Wesker so far

blackburn52968d ago

Okay okay. No need to pile on the disagrees. I was just giving my opinion. In the Marvel universe these are some of my least favorite people. I mean seriously. Super Skrull and MODOK over people like Gambit, Ghostrider, Blade or the Fantastic 4? Are you telling me that if you had a choice between any of these guys and Doom, you would pick him?

Baka-akaB2967d ago

Funny thing is out of that list only MODOK seems iffy to me .

Some of the requested characters havent been as important in the marvel universe than they were in the 90s , at least some for a while . Super skrull ? Well he went from B list villain , to somewhat very cool and bad ass in a recent serie of big Marvel cosmic crossovers .

Again i see a pick that combine currently popular characters , new stars , and a few unknown . The x-men arent the big hitters right now at Marvel as an example .. it's the Avengers , and they are getting quite some exposure in the game so far .

What i see here is at least , they seems fun and different to play in mechanics . Beats imo having a great chracters turned into a shoto clone .

Kanji082968d ago

The list of deconfirmed characters is almost more impressive than the confirmed characters. What a shame.

supremacy2968d ago

i mean modok? lol wtf is that? i usually go without using and i mean without ever using certain characters and this time around i know which are the obvious ones.

In street fighter was that stiff homo hakan, and in here is a deform doctor crane look a like baby.
needs to be fired asap before the game takes a turn for the worst.

Sub-Zero852968d ago

I was thinking the same exact thing. ..... damm shame Gambit won't be making the roster

Fatal Blow2968d ago


loved rival schools

i just hope they get have all the players from mvc 2 and some more hopefully

Rocket Sauce2968d ago

I would have traded X-23 for any of those Marvel characters. She's like the Scrappy to Wolverine's Scooby Doo.

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