‘GoldenEye will make a killing’

MCV UK: "Move over Mario – James Bond is going to be the top dog on Wii this year.

Activision claims the new GoldenEye will rival hits like Mario Galaxy 2, Just Dance 2, Wii Party, Donkey Kong and Epic Mickey."

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qface642969d ago

lol hehe no it wont i don't see it being like that whatsoever

im skipping it since everything ive bought that has the activision logo usually sucks lately

ssj2gohan832969d ago

Anyone who is gullible enough to believe this tripe needs to get smacked around like the bitch they are.

scar202969d ago

Think im just gonna mod this on my wii.

Cyrus3652969d ago

Wii mom's aren't gonna like Goldeneye, unless their shape up with 007 mini game involved.

matey2968d ago

007 wii will sell 5 million units worldwide easy the name will carry it Nintendo own the name and want to keep it to themselves end of the game is nothing short of epic from what i have seen graphics/animation/frame rate/gun movements/mo-cap/game modes/online,Look top notch extreme high production values and with no conduit2 it will sell well with it also being christmas soon aswell i stand by my words 5 million worldwide.