Kinect will sell for a profit, says Mattrick

Kinect will retail at a profit, Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s interactive entertainment boss, has told the New York Times.

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Lazy_Gamer2920d ago

Kinect will satisfy the core.
Kevin Butler can't find a good joke.
And now....
Kinect will sell for a profit.
Says mattrick... says Mattrick....

Supman2920d ago

Yeah, Im gonna pick one up for my Son.

2920d ago
NecrumSlavery2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Yeah a console forcing the online social connectivity experience. I want my child on webcam too... /s = blantant sarcasm.

atlys2920d ago

stop being a douche. you act like the 360 doesn't have any parental controls, NEWS FLASH, all the current gen consoles have them. if you're such a "concerned" parent, then take a few minutes out of your busy "i'm a hater" schedule and set them up.

Moonboots2919d ago

I understand your concern for your child but cams and personal responsibility have been around a long time. Look'em up.

jacksons982920d ago

For $150 get your son something cool.

Active Reload2920d ago

An eyetoy? I'm sorry I couldn't resist, lol.

TroyAndAbed2920d ago

They have this new toy. It's called "Bigfoot". It's a generic name, but kids love the thing! I do too! It's hilarious! It's only $100 too! :)

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Fishy Fingers2920d ago

It'll need too, the R&D costs, outragous marketing budget, they'll need to start covering those from day 1. Obviously it's hoped that Kinect will also elevate console sales but, they have a lot of money to claw back before this thing is in the black.

soundslike2920d ago

Why do I care about profit? "THIS JUST IN, COCAINE IS PROFITABLE" omg like everyone buy cocaine guys, i hear its profitable...

Keith Olbermann2920d ago

not a drug addict or pusher...errrr..I hope.

Moonboots2919d ago

I dunno why do you care?

You cared enough to come into an article that includes the word PROFIT in it just to let everyone know you don't care.

Rock on!

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The story is too old to be commented.