ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Review (

Raymond Herrera of reviews the Xbox 360 version of the latest in the Gothic series, Gothic 4, which was developed by Spellbound and published by JoWooD/DreamCatcher.

“Overall Gothic 4 is an average RPG with a linear and predictable story. The player has little control over what takes place as many of the conversations only allow you to make one choice and the only time the player really makes a decision is what quest they will do to get what they want, though it is the same result either way one just seems easier than the other.

For a fan of the Gothic games that just want to revisit old friends and see what has become of their former hero and those gamers looking for an easy to play RPG that can be played little by little this may be a game worth trying. For those die hard and hardcore RPG players though you may find ArcaniA: Gothic 4 lacking in originality and find it feels more like a hack and slash title.”

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