Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 too little, too late

Ever seen a Microsoft Zune HD? It's a lovely little device for watching movies, listening to music and playing games. Slim, sleek, sophisticated - and irrelevant.

That's because the Zune HD was released two full years after the premiere of Apple Inc.'s iPod Touch. By the time it joined the battle, the war was already lost.

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ComboBreaker2972d ago

With Apple dominating already, and Google spreaking and expaninding quickly, it'll hard for Windows Phone 7 to a dent.

cardgenius2970d ago

And no multitasking, no tethering, no visual voicemail. There's too many features missing from Windows Phone 7 to make it worth getting. I can go buy an Android Phone or iPhone right now and have all those features instantly. And that's not mentioning the lack of apps either, which is a big part of why these phones are so popular. This is the main reason the Palm Pre failed so hard.