Interview with Treyarch - Black Ops Zombies

Behind the Design is a special Bonus Round where we go straight to the developer to talk about their design philosophies, receive their commentary on the trailers they've created, learn about what has hit the cutting room floor and more! What challenges does Treyarch face creating a new Call of Duty? How different is it to work with fictional history rather than World War II? What's this about a Black Market feature in multiplayer that was cut? You asked for us to go behind-the-scenes - and now, we're Behind the Design!

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DufferO82972d ago

if you click read full story it brings you to red dead redemption on youtube

FAGOL2972d ago

Fuck yh sorry wrong link my bad. Fixed now.

HSx92972d ago

saw this like a month ago...

Shackdaddy8362972d ago

Hopefully zombie mode will be 4 player co-op offline cus I hated the people playing zombies on WaW. They acted like such tools and took it waaay too seriously....

Obama2972d ago

Do you have to pay for the zombie mode?

MRHARDON2972d ago

He would charge 15$ to play it everytime.