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Frustrated Fury Writes: Kratos is back, and he's angrier than ever. Let's add to the mix that his brother Deimos is actually alive and the Gods have been lying to him this entire time. Now, Kratos will travel to the city of Atlantis(before it sunk into the ocean) to reunite himself with his long lost Spartan brother all the while killing everything in his path. This is God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

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VINNIEPAZ2977d ago

I'm playing this now and so far its awesome.

kratos1232977d ago

getting mine next week when my exams end i cant wait

deafwing2977d ago

... those caked with dust in the corners of rooms will be cleaned up next week and used again :-D

nskrishna22977d ago

or is the article poorly written...well what the hell...9.3 anyway..:D

DarthBigE2976d ago

lol a con is need second analog stick...not the games fault..maybe a remake for psp2? will buy it again