Planet Xbox 360: Costume Quest Review

Planet Xbox 360: "I’m about to say it. Wait for it…oozing with charm. There, I said it, and it’s a phrase that seems to be commonly used in regards to most of the recent Xbox Live Arcade releases. Double Fine’s foray into the world of XBLA, Costume Quest is no exception to the phrase. The Halloween-themed title follows a brother and sister duo, Reynold and Wren, as they venture into their neighborhood on Halloween in search of a heap of candy. Unbeknownst to the squabbling pair, one of them is about to be mistaken for a piece of candy by a group of goblins. Whichever sibling you decide to take the role of, is tasked with building costumes in an effort to save the other to avoid a severe grounding by their mom ‘n pop."

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